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Welcome to Foiling Magazine’s Test Center, home to all our in-depth reviews of the latest foiling gear.

From foils, to wings, to foil boards, and everything in between, our global test team of professional riders offer their personal take on what shiny new kit you should be spending your hard-earned money on…


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Naish Wing-Surfer MK4 4.5m

The MK4 is ideal for riders looking for one wing to handle any condition and all riding styles. With a variety of handles, the MK4 will be comfortable and accessible for all riders, and the performance is first class.

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FFB Fusion 4’6

If you are looking for a one-board quiver, the Fusion is an excellent contender. Prone foilers, towers, and wingers will all appreciate what the Fusion has to offer.

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KT Wing Drifter 5’0

KT’s Wing Drifter is a foilboard designed to be a light, forgiving, and extremely stable... and as we discovered, it provides a truly next level winging experience.

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Double Dip: UniFoil Vyper 90 & Vyper 130

If you want to perform proper tight surfing turns on a hydrofoil, but still love the ability to pump and link waves, the Vyper range will take you to that next level.

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Double Dip: North Sonar MA1200 & MA1350

These two wings, and the combination of components offered, seem to strike the perfect balance between customization, build quality, performance and user-friendliness.

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Double Dip: Takuma Kujira 750 & 1095

Fun and inspiring, the Kujira 1095 and 750 are a great pair, even if they’re vastly different flavors. Takuma has struck gold with these ones.

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Double Dip: Levitaz HA1100 & HA1600

Fast, practical and with a wide usable range, Levitaz have expanded their hydrofoil range cleverly into the high-aspect sector...

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AXIS ART 1099 + Power Carbon HM Masts

It’s a case of less is more to unlock this high efficiency tool which anyone intermediate level and above should definitely consider as part of their quiver.

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AFS Performer 950

The AFS Performer is a true freeride wingfoiler’s hydrofoil. It does it all and it does it very, very well.

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KT Wing Air 5m

The Wing Air snugly fits into what we imagine was KT’s remit for this wing: high performance simplicity.

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Vayu VVing V2 4.4m

Stiff, maneuverable and powerful, the VAYU VVing V2 is a machine for freestyle, racing and freeride, and will also perform well in the surf too should you need it to.

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GA Poison V2

The Poison has received some well applied upgrades and is an excellent option for hassle-free wave riding and for general freeride winging.

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Eleveight Evolve 90L

If you wing in the waves or if you just want to have a quicker and more tuned-in ride then the Evolve will tick all the right boxes for you.

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