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KT Wing Air 5m

The Wing Air is the first generation of wings that have been released by the KT brand, headed up by world-renowned surfboard shaper Keith Teboul, with Jason Diffin heading up the R&D. The result is a do-it-all, very neutral and powerful wing that’ll suit all types of wing foiling.

The Wing Air is available in seven sizes, from 2m all the way up to 6m, and we had a 5m on test.

Featuring a pretty thick leading edge and profile, a very light and rigid triple ripstop construction and Dacron/Kevlar strut technology, the Wing Air is seriously ultra light in your hands. The thick profile provides instant forward power while the balanced canopy tension turns this power into a really very pleasant experience indeed…

On the water, the Wing Air definitely feels powerful for its size, so it can certainly be downsized for waveriding. With a great amount of lift, it eases out of sinked-in waterstarts with no issues, and provides an instant thrust that helps you get on foil nice and early. It covers a really wide range of conditions, from 15 to 30 knots, and remains extremely stable in any angle of wind. KT have provided a wide variety of handlechoices, with theree very wide handles on the center strut, a classic leading edge handle and two 45 degree handles connecting the center strut and leading edge. The handles are rigid enough, and yet still very comfortable in your hands.

The programming for this wing is very simple: it does it all. It provides good lift for freestyle and is amazingly stable when flagged out for waveriding. The ultra rigid airframe coupled with a softer canopy tension provides a very comfortable feeling compared to other rigid wings on the market and this is undoubtedly one of its best features. You can ride almost twice as long as you would with another wing simply because it doesn’t pull on your arms and shoulders. It cuts through the air like a hot wing through butter, providing a very solid active forward thrust, yet handles any gusts and acceleration without destroying your upper body in the process.

The handles are comfortable and rigid enough to provide instant power, especially in lighter winds and their very wide construction helps you find the perfect position. We really loved the middle handle as well, allowing you to ride one-handed and feel like the absolute boss.

The KT Wing Air is a do-it-all, high performance wing based on a single concept. It is extremely comfortable and controllable when it flags out, and snugly fits into what we imagine was KT’s remit for this wing: high performance simplicity. AB

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