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From foils, to wings, to foil boards, and everything in between, our global test team of professional riders offer their personal take on what shiny new kit you should be spending your hard-earned money on…


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RRD Blast 1150

The Blast 1150 is a versatile foil that opens up the range of conditions in which you can wing and SUP downwind thanks to its generous low end and low stall. As a first foray into high aspects, this foil ticks all the boxes.

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North Mode

Way more than a race wing, the Mode performs in every sector with power and precise control and is an intelligent use of groundbreaking new materials at their disposal.

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RRD Gold Wing

Its easy handling does make it suited to all levels of riders. For those looking for a powerful, easy handling wing to push their freestyle and foil fast, this wing is probably one of the best on the market.

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Range Review: Armstrong MA series

It’s a system that takes some dialing into, but once you make time to achieve that physical adjustment, you’ll quickly feel comfortable and learn to trust the system, then you can unlock a pile of performance.

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Double Dip: Unifoil Progression 140 & 170

The Unifoil Progression foil provides incredible versatility and performance. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or advanced rider, this foil is guaranteed to elevate your foiling experience.

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Double Dip: Lift 150HA-X & 110HA-X

Riders looking for a fast but cruisy surf and downwind wing can’t go wrong with the 150HA-X. For riders looking to break speed records, race, and rip a foil that unlocks faster lines, the 110HA-X is the one for you!

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Double Dip: FFB WCFC Frequent Flyer & J.A.T.O.

Whether it's surf foiling in ankle high to overhead waves, prone downwinding, or winging it as a strapped or unstrapped sinker, the resurrection of the West Coast Foil Club is here to stay.

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ION Rave Harness and Long John

The ION Rave harness does a great job of relieving fatigue on longer sessions and transferring that load to your waist rather than your arms, and for summer comfort, the long johns and jacket combo makes a fabulously practical pairing.

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Vayu V3

Whether you're a seasoned wingfoiler seeking to elevate your skills or a newcomer looking for a reliable, user-friendly wing, this product ticks the boxes and combines speed, comfort, stability, and versatility in a well engineered package.

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Triton X-1 Mono Foil

Riders that are willing to adapt to a new foil concept will unlock a new level of fun in smaller waves or flat water, and new foilers will appreciate the simplicity and safety of the monofoil design.

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Eleveight WFS V4

The WFS V4 is an impressive wing that enhances the thrill of pure freeride wingfoiling. Its sleek design, excellent maneuverability, impressive power, stability, and durability make it a solid choice for both beginners and experienced riders.

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Tabou Tiny

Overall the Tiny lives up to its name, and the board's low volume and excellent construction and design provide a balanced and truly impressive riding experience.

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RRD Beluga LTD (+ Helmet & Impact Vest)

The Beluga LTD is a solid responsive board that has been made to cater for pushing the limits of your riding, be it freestyle or wave riding with the design features catering towards recovery and forgiving touchdowns.

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