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Naish Wing-Surfer MK4 4.5m

The MK4 is ideal for riders looking for one wing to handle any condition and all riding styles. With a variety of handles, the MK4 will be comfortable and accessible for all riders, and the performance is first class.

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KT Wing Air 5m

The Wing Air snugly fits into what we imagine was KT’s remit for this wing: high performance simplicity.

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Vayu VVing V2 4.4m

Stiff, maneuverable and powerful, the VAYU VVing V2 is a machine for freestyle, racing and freeride, and will also perform well in the surf too should you need it to.

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GA Poison V2

The Poison has received some well applied upgrades and is an excellent option for hassle-free wave riding and for general freeride winging.

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Duotone Unit 4m

The elaborate and detailed build stands out against some of its contemporaries, and the crossover and appeal for those with windsurf experience still remains.

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FreeWing GO 4.5m

FreeWing have produced an aggressively priced and functional product that does a great job of getting people on the foil quickly and with as little fuss as possible.

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Ensis Spin 5.1m

The Spin is undoubtedly going to provide an excellent platform to push your riding to the next level.

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FFB Freedom Wing 4m

The Freedom Wing is an excellent all-round option for riders looking for a versatile and accessible wing whatever their riding style.

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