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Double Dip: UniFoil Vyper 90 & Vyper 130

If you want to perform proper tight surfing turns on a hydrofoil, but still love the ability to pump and link waves, the Vyper range will take you to that next level.

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Double Dip: North Sonar MA1200 & MA1350

These two wings, and the combination of components offered, seem to strike the perfect balance between customization, build quality, performance and user-friendliness.

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Double Dip: Takuma Kujira 750 & 1095

Fun and inspiring, the Kujira 1095 and 750 are a great pair, even if they’re vastly different flavors. Takuma has struck gold with these ones.

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Double Dip: Levitaz HA1100 & HA1600

Fast, practical and with a wide usable range, Levitaz have expanded their hydrofoil range cleverly into the high-aspect sector...

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AXIS ART 1099 + Power Carbon HM Masts

It’s a case of less is more to unlock this high efficiency tool which anyone intermediate level and above should definitely consider as part of their quiver.

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AFS Performer 950

The AFS Performer is a true freeride wingfoiler’s hydrofoil. It does it all and it does it very, very well.

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Lift 90HA

The Lift 90HA adds a new level of performance if you’re looking to go fast, slash turns, and have fun on the water.

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Naish HA 914

The HA 914 coupled with the new mast and fuselage is, for multiple reasons, a great addition to the Naish foil quiver...

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