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Enjoy our brand new Beginner’s Guide to Foil Surfing, a great introduction to anyone looking to find out how to tow, pump, wing, wake, SUP, e-foil and of course prone surf foil. Learn what’s required, safety and etiquette, and plenty of words of advice from the pros, including Kai Lenny, Zane Schweitzer, Annie Reickert, Brian Grubb and Ivan van Vuuren.

Everything you need to be in the know as you start out in your hydrofoil discipline-of-choice, plus plenty of knowledge that even season pro riders will enjoy.

foil surfing disciplines

Inside, you'll find out how to get started in the following disciplines:

  • Tow Foiling
  • Wake Foiling
  • Pump Foiling
  • SUP Foiling
  • Wing Foiling
  • Electric Foiling
  • Surf/Prone Foiling

You'll also find out exactly what gear you'll need to get started...

As well as the the difference between entry, intermediate and performance foil builds, and how to maintain your foil once you have it!

We also cover important aspects of hydrofoil safety and riding etiquette, so that when you're out on the water you (and those around you) will have nothing but a good time.

foil surfing gear

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What a rad publication.

Ivan van Vuuren - Signature Foils

I enjoy every page of the Foiling Mag - keep it up!

Evan Mavridoglou - General Manager, AXIS Foils

The magazine looks insane. Very stoked to be part of it.

Caio Ibelli - Pro Surfer

I had a good time reading issue N°1, everything is high quality from the content to the paper!

Julien Salles - Brand Manager, Manera

Foiling Magazine is incredible.

Chereé Thomson - Brand Coordinator, AK Durable Supply Co.