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Indiana Wing Foil 108L Carbon

The Indiana Wing Foil board range is based on a very compact wing platform designed to offer the best volume/size ratio for beginners to advanced wing foilers. The heavy duty multi layered carbon/PVC construction coupled with its compact outline and volume distribution gives it an extra amount of control and lifts you out of the water quickly, while also protecting the boards against dings.

It is available in eight sizes, from 4'4 (55L) to 6'0 (155L), covering a huge range of wind conditions. We ran this test on the 5'5/108 liter board on flat water, in winds varying from 10 to 20 knots.

The Indiana Wing Foil 108 comes in a full sandwich EPS/PVC carbon vaccumed epoxy construction, with extra layers on the rails and boxes. The result is a compact, ultra-light and incredibly stiff board with a bulletproof construction. It is a CNC-shaped board with a very flat square and straight outline with a rounded, slightly diamond shaped tail and hard rails. The round nose includes two inserts to fit a handle, a feature that sits across Indiana's board range, which is ideal for beginners and for experienced riders who are looking to punch through heavy shorebreak. The deck is as flat, leaving a lot of surface area to move your feet around and find your optimum position. The volume distribution is extended from the nose to tail, and the ultra-flat bottom helps the board to reach planing and up into flight very quickly indeed.

On the water the board is very, very stable and balanced. For 108 liters it feels like 20 liters more in terms of balance. The outline of the board and the overall volume distribution makes it a very stable and accessible board for beginners. The added comfort on the deck will allow anyone to stand comfortably and take all the time they need to get the wing powered up and under way. Once you do start moving, it accelerates up to flight mode gradually. It really is the perfect board to learn winging on, as it gives you a lot of passive control on the foil and will simplify the learning of your transitions while being really forgiving when it hits the water, maintaining drive and speed while remaining in full control. The early planing provided by the wide shape and flat bottom will get you up on the foil quicker than most of the boards of the same size on the market.

Up on the foil, this board provides a really balanced and controlled flight. The very flat rocker and straight outline combined with loads of deck space and perfectly balanced footstrap and foil position gives you a lot of passive stability which is much appreciated when you want to lock it into full speed mode. It is light, well balanced, and will help any level rider to perform faster.

The Indiana Wing Foil is a compact performance foilboard for progressive winging, that’ll suit beginners to advanced wing riders. It is the perfect flat-water board for beginners, freeriders and lightwind racing but perhaps a little too big for regular jaunts into the waves. On the other hand, it is also a great board for SUP foiling, so it would be a great option for anyone looking for a wing board that can also be paddled. AB

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