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Naish Wing-Surfer MK4 4.5m

Naish has released the latest iteration of their Wing-Surfer, the MK4. Designed as an “all round” freeride wing, the MK4 is a do-it-all workhorse capable of optimizing low end power, rigidity, and twist to create the ideal sheet-in-and-go power delivery. With a larger diameter leading edge and strut supporting the airframe, the Wing-Surfer MK4 is perfect for riders looking for one wing to handle all conditions and all styles.

The MK4 kit includes a high-quality large storage bag, coil leash with a triple Velcro connection identical to a standard surfboard leash, and a pump hose adapter. The bag has ample space for the wing, pump, and additional accessories like wetsuits, towels, etc.

The one-pump inflation system uses a SureLock valve which requires an adapter for your pump. This adapter connects to the pump hose and secures into the wing valve with a 90-degree twist. Once the hose is connected to the valve the inflation is quick and easy, the pump hose was very secure and does not come unhooked accidentally. Once inflated, a quick 90-degree turn releases the hose and the valve instantly seats. Deflating is just as simple, the press of the button in the center of the valve will release the pressure along the leading edge, and the strut has a high volume deflate valve so the MK4 can be quickly and easily rolled up.

Naish has provided three long semi-rigid ergonomic handles along the strut, as well as a single smaller power handle at the end of the strut for optimal power and control. For riders who prefer to use a harness, two harness line attachments are sewn into the handles for quick and easy attachment if preferred, and no custom modifications are required. The leading edge holds the center grab handle which is padded by a neoprene patch providing a cushy, comfortable ride.

Many wing manufacturers have figured out the optimal window placement in the canopy, moving them forwards just behind the leading edge is a significant improvement for visibility and practicality. The MK4 windows are placed where almost all riders will have great visibility through the wing along the direction of travel. These windows are not only practical and functional, but they are neatly integrated into the overall design and aesthetic.

The 4.5m wing was tested using a 4'6 board, 1075 foil, wind 20-25mph. Rider 6'4, 170lb. Small 2-3’ waves.

Naish recommends an inflation range of 7-9 PSI. Initially the MK4 was pumped to 7PSI to test this inflation range, and it was immediately evident a bit more structure and rigidity was required. Putting a bit more air into the wing to bring it closer to 9PSI provided the stiffness and structure the design was intended to have.

The MK4 is a low-end powerhouse, the immediate pull and direct sheet-in-and-go power fully aligns with the design concept. The semi rigid handles were comfortable to use and had plenty of grip to control the wing. Handle placement felt correct, with plenty of room to move and adjust for riders of various sizes. The power is relatively evenly balanced between the arms, without noticeable front or back arm fatigue.

Freestyling the Wing-Surfer MK4 is simply fun. The lofty boosts, and ability to “hold” some wind on the back of the wing at the windows creates a unique feeling for powered rotations through the wind. The MK4 holds its own in the waves as well with a very stable ride that has minimal rocking. The leading-edge handle is comfortable, and the neoprene pad adds a very nice cushy feeling.

Overall the MK4 is ideal for riders looking for one wing to handle any condition and all riding styles. With a variety of handles, the MK4 will be comfortable and accessible for all riders, and the performance is first class. ST


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