About Us

With the ongoing surge of interest, uptake and growth that the burgeoning world of foiling has seen these past few months and years, we decided it was about time that the sport was complimented by a high quality international print magazine, and accompanying website.

Brought to you by an experienced publishing team, Foiling Magazine aims to pull together the most engaging foil adventures in Surf, SUP, Wing, Wake and eFoil from around the world, and publish interviews with those at the apex of the sport who are taking it to the next level and beyond… all accompanied by sublime photography from some of the planet’s best water photographers.

Foiling Magazine is a place where state-of-the-art gear is highlighted and tested, where foiling dynamics and production science is discussed by those who are truly at the cutting edge, and where all the latest developments in the fast-paced world of foiling is revealed and critiqued…

What you get is nothing short of the best of everything. Sign up today and enjoy the greatest foiling content in the world!

The Foiling Magazine quote

"Foiling Magazine is incredible."

Chereé Thomson, Brand Coordinator, AK Durable Supply Co.

"I had a good time reading issue N°1, everything is high quality from the content to the paper!"

Julien Salles – Brand Manager, Manera

"It’s a beautiful thing to see how far foiling has come!"

Damien LeRoy – Pro Kiteboarder

"The magazine looks insane. Very stoked to be part of it."

Caio Ibelli – Pro Surfer

"What a rad publication."

Ivan van Vuuren – Signature Foils