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Naish HA 914

One of the latest foils to join the Naish foil lineup is the all-new HA 914 foil. Designed as a performance, wing, surf, and freeride windsurf foil, the HA 914 is a high-speed, high-performance foil. In line with other high-performance foils, the 914 has a very thin foil section which translates into lower overall lift, but exchanges that for significant gains on the top end speed. When the 914 is flying the speed translates into stability and upwind performance which will be ideal for powered riders, medium size surf waves, and racers.

Naish’s commitment to modularity and compatibility is apparent in their fuselage design, with the latest 914 foil retaining the same Indexed Scarf Joint front connection as prior generations, allowing riders to keep upgrading within the Naish ecosystem instead of buying a whole new foil. The indexed front wing connection is very stiff and secure, with minimal deflection or twisting at the front wing, even with the wider span of the HA foil. Naish has also added an indexed “bridge” connection for the fuselage/mast connection point. The bridge in the center of the fuselage mast cavity adds additional surface area and stability which prevents flex and twist where the mast and fuselage connect. With the increased loads of the HA foils, this small detail greatly improves the control and feel of the whole foil system.

The Jet HA280 Tail is a very thin tail that pairs well with the HA 914 front wing. The aluminum fuselage has two mounting locations for the tail so riders can experiment with different mounting locations to customize the feel and ride of the foil. Using the rear mounting location, the 914 will track in a straight line and gain a bit more pump, moving the tail forwards will loosen the rear of the foil and increase some pitch sensitivity. Beginner riders will enjoy the balance and stability of the full size 280 tail, and advanced riders have a simple platform to experiment with top mounted aftermarket tails or chop shop creations.

It is evident Naish is paying attention to the details, with all inserts in the aluminum mast lined with a stainless-steel coil, and molded nylon connection liners, the corrosion and dissimilar metal bonding that has plagued aluminum components is not an issue with this set up. This foil was tested wing foiling using a 4’6 board, wind 25-30 mph, rider 6’4, 170lb. Medium 3-4′ waves.

As expected with the HA 914 foil, it wants to ride fast. Riding with a bit more speed and power is key to unlocking all the potential of the 914. As soon as it gets up on foil, the 914 wants to take off like a rocket ship pointing steep upwind and powering through waves. When at cruising speed, the 914 smooths out, becomes very stable and fun to ride. The aluminum fuselage does add a noticeable weight to the bottom of the foil but has a stabilizing effect which will help beginner riders, or new HA riders, to control the 914. The thin foil section handles chest to head high waves no problem and feels great flying down the line. Turns do need to be a bit more drawn out due to the wide span, and as with most HA foils, the 914 will prefer to ride closer to the shoulder instead of deeper in the pocket. Advanced riders will definitely unlock the full potential with some tail wing modifications, however beginner or intermediate riders will be supported by the full size tail.

Overall, the HA 914 coupled with the new mast and fuselage is a great addition to the Naish foil quiver, offering high speed performance and control with a customizeable platform to support riders of all skill levels. ST

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