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Welcome to Foiling Magazine’s Test Center, home to all our in-depth reviews of the latest foiling gear.

From foils, to wings, to foil boards, and everything in between, our global test team of professional riders offer their personal take on what shiny new kit you should be spending your hard-earned money on…


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Naish 1800 HA wing

The Naish 1800 is an ideal setup for making huge fast arcing turns, making it perfect for powerful fast riders and quicker, deep ocean waves.

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KT Drifter

The Drifter is an ultra-responsive, easy-paddling, ultra-stiff piece of high-performance foilboarding perfection.

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Amundson Customs Nubby

Our test rider finds only pros and no cons to this board from John Amundson....

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F-ONE Rocket SUP Pro Carbon

As usual F-ONE have produced an elegant, unfussy and well-designed product...

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Sroka S-Foil XXL 2000

Our test team finds the S-FOIL a well-balanced and engineered setup, very well suited to downwind and wing foiling.

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Naish Wing-Surfer

The Naish Wing-Surfer is a well built and easy wing to handle in the majority of situations and an excellent introduction to wing-based propulsion.

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F-ONE Swing Wing

The Swing Wing is definitely right at the pinnacle of wing products currently available.

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Slingshot Outwit

The Outwit is an extremely fun and agile, super modern foil board design that looks very cool and performs immaculately on the wing surf stage...

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Delta Hydrofoil L + XL wings

For advanced to professional riders, Delta offers an extremely fun package which they can grow with as they push their level even further.

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MFC HYDROS 1250 + 1400

MFC are now applying their enviable R&D heritage to the world of hydrofoiling, and the HYDROS has been designed with one goal in mind: to make the most advanced surf foil to date...

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Lift SURF series

In a young sport like surf foiling, it’s not yet possible for anyone to consider themselves veterans, but if one brand stands out because of their longevity, it would be Lift...

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Signature ALBATROSS range

Top riders from around the world will enjoy the efficiency and performance of the Albatross range.

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