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Double Dip: Cabrinha Fusion H650 & H800 Foil

Cabrinha’s latest foil system is the Fusion H-Series high aspect foils. With front wings ranging in size from 650sq/cm up to 1200sq/cm. the H Series has a foil size for every discipline. The Fusion H-Series foil lower assembly is a full carbon two-part system, the first half includes an integrated front wing and fuselage, and the second half is the Fusion H 180sq/cm stabilizer. These two pieces connect with two M6 316 stainless steel T30 (Torx) bolts. The mating surface is a large, angled connection that bolts together smoothly and securely. Both the front wing and stabilizer are integrated into their respective fuselage components creating a lower assembly with nearly zero torsional flex.

The lower front and tail assembly connects to the carbon mast with three M6 316 stainless T30 bolts. The mast is very sleek, with a sharp trailing edge that slices through water with minimal drag or turbulence. The overall construction of the foil is lightweight and stiff, yet feels very solid and capable of enduring airs and aggressive foil maneuvers. This foil was tested using a 4'6 Cabrinha Autopilot board, 800 and 650 Cabrinha Fusion H-Series foil, wind 20-25mph. Rider 6'4, 170lb. Small 2-3’ waves.

The H800 was the first front wing tested, and the overall design of the Fusion H-Series foils was obvious, this is a foil for riders who want to glide, pump, and enjoy everything a performance high aspect foil has to offer. An effortless, silent ride was enjoyable and smooth, capable of carrying enough speed to easily ride waves in the 2-4’ range. The H800 will surf best towards the shoulder, yet is more than capable of sitting deeper in the pocket and tackling steeper sections. Lighter riders will be able to leverage the H800 as a pump machine, while heavier riders may find more success with a bit larger front wing.

Riders looking for an ultimate high-speed, high-performance foil for wing/tow foiling, or larger wave riding should look to the H650. Honestly, I spent the most time on this foil during the testing sessions because it was so much fun. The smaller wing provided a significant increase in maneuverability, speed, and was a blast to throw around. The 650 really comes to life during high-speed foiling disciplines such as towing, winging, and kitefoiling, although this does come at a cost to the low end performance and pumping efficiency. This foil will surf best deeper in the pocket, can drive bottom turns and snap off the lip or launch for airs.

The Fusion H tail pairs well with all foils in the H series range. The thin chord does not have any noticeable drag, and even advanced foilers will not feel an immediate desire to modify the tail. Overall the Fusion H-Series foils are some of the best foils yet from Cabrinha. The range of wing combinations makes this series versatile enough for any rider to pick a setup for any condition or foiling discipline. ST

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