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Sroka Sky Rider

The Sky Rider board range from Sroka is based on a very compact wing platform designed to offer the best volume/size ratio for beginners to advanced wing foilers. The board range comes in five sizes, from 4'8 (65L) to 6'3 (120L) covering a huge range of wind conditions and rider levels.

This test was run on the 4'8/65l in open ocean conditions, with waves from two to four feet and winds from 10 to 25 knots.

The Sroka Sky Rider comes with two different constructions: a fiberglass/EPS sandwich construction and a carbon vaccumed epoxy construction with reinforced US boxes. The result is a compact, light and stiff board with a very strong construction, that's built in France. It is a CNC-shaped board with a straight outline with a rounded square, bulk tail with beveled rails. The shape comes with a double concave from the nose to a flat area where you will find the boxes; The tail is dropped in right after the boxes to a bulky angulated square, rounded area to ease the take off by limiting the wetted area. The round nose is original by its design with an extra bubble adding more volume to the front of the board to give you an extra amount of balance on your knees. The deck is flat and gives you a lot of space to move your feet on top of a comfortable and grippy deckpad.

The volume distribution is extended from nose to tail and the double concave helps the board to get up on flight when pumping.

On the water the board reveals a very comfortable behavior. For 65 liters, it feels a bit twitchy for a rider over 80 kilos but the added width makes it stable despite the low volume. Getting on your knees is simple thanks to the extra volume provided by the nose… Once you get a slight push from the wing it accelerates gradually on top of the water and will allow you to get onto your feet quickly. Once standing, the board reveals itself to be very stable despite being only 4'8, and the volume distribution makes it easy to pump up on the foil.

Once up on the foil, it provides a really balanced and controlled flight. The very flat rocker and straight outline combined with loads of deck space and a balanced foil position gives you a lot of passive stability that is much appreciated when you want to lock into speed mode. It is light, balanced and will help an intermediate level rider to perform faster.

The Sky Rider is a compact foilboard built for progressive winging suiting intermediate to advanced wingers. Although perhaps a little too wide for ultimate control in the waves, it is the perfect flat water board for freeride, racing and entry freestyle. AB

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