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North Mode

Way more than a race wing, the Mode performs in every sector with power and precise control and is an intelligent use of groundbreaking new materials at their disposal.

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RRD Gold Wing

Its easy handling does make it suited to all levels of riders. For those looking for a powerful, easy handling wing to push their freestyle and foil fast, this wing is probably one of the best on the market.

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Vayu V3

Whether you're a seasoned wingfoiler seeking to elevate your skills or a newcomer looking for a reliable, user-friendly wing, this product ticks the boxes and combines speed, comfort, stability, and versatility in a well engineered package.

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Eleveight WFS V4

The WFS V4 is an impressive wing that enhances the thrill of pure freeride wingfoiling. Its sleek design, excellent maneuverability, impressive power, stability, and durability make it a solid choice for both beginners and experienced riders.

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Ozone Fly V1

Its simple to initiate on and off power characteristics, and high levels of stability made it a wing we would happily grab particularly when the conditions look dubious, as you know it’s going to handle it with grace.

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FreeWing AIR V3

Without having to choose between soft and hard handles, the FreeWing AIR V3’s appeal and its scope of use is broad. It’s a wing you can throw into pretty much any situation with predictable results and a worthy upgrade to the FreeWing series.

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Naish Matador LT

The original Matador was a wave machine through and through, the Matador LT takes that to a new level. It is the perfect option for riders looking for a great wave riding wing that is lightweight and simple.

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GA Foils Poison

If you are looking for a radical, performance-driven wing with exceptional wave-riding capabilities the Poison is an excellent option for riders of all skill levels.

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