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North SF-Series SF930

North has introduced their highly anticipated Surf Series foils to their trusty Sonar foil system. Featuring the SF930, SF1080, and SF1230 front wings, this series was designed for those looking for the ultimate foil for surfing, winging, wake, and downwinding. This wing delivers effortless pump, low stall speeds, and smooth, predictable carves. Whether you're a dedicated surfer or an avid winger, the SF-Series foils are progressive foils for all levels of riders.

Unveiling the package, your attention is immediately drawn to the sleek aesthetics, soft wing covers, and North’s timeless color scheme. As you uncover the wings, the pure carbon finish combined with the streamlined North Green striped accents, are smooth and flush to the touch. These intricacies are just the surface of how much detail was put towards designing efficiency into these foils. During our testing, we paired the SF930 with the recommended S215 stabilizer, C600 carbon fuselage, and CF 85 carbon mast. The SF930 presents a surface area of 930cm² (144in)2, a wingspan of 90cm (35in), and an aspect ratio of 8.8.

The initial feel on the SF930 combo was very predictable and intuitive. The low stall speed and early lift significantly aided in catching smaller and mushy waves. The lift throughout its speed range is also smooth and doesn't have the pitch instability that is common with many higher aspect foils. After continuously and comfortably being able to connect waves prone foiling, we were amazed by how direct the entire system felt when pumping and turning. Feeling as if the entire foil was one solid piece, North’s “GeoLock” mast to fuselage connection and unique tapered mast profile is surely one of the most rigid constructions in foiling.

After combining this set up with the North Free-Lo footstraps, I was also impressed by how much the foil’s low end surf profile aided in landing airs and quickly getting back up on foil. The finely tuned wingtips and trailing edges work together to prevent ventilation and allow for tips out slashing turns without any hesitation.

For the many who can benefit from such a great all-around foil, North suggests that the SF-Series be paired with their new S215 tail. While this isn’t their fastest or smallest tail, it has specifically been designed around the surf series to enhance and match the stall speeds of the front wing. This tail lets riders maximize glide while approaching the stall speed and also provides a balanced feel that aids in pitch stability while pumping longer distances. The designers at North have also thought ahead and added dotted “chop shop” guidelines across the S215 wing tips. This option gives progressing riders an outline to chop off a few centimeters and loosen up this surf kit even more. All of the North Sonar System tails are also a unique top mount to the fuselage, which clears the stabilizers away from any turbulence or vortices off the front wing. The top mounted stabilizer also acts as an early breach indicator. Breaching slightly before the front wing, this gives riders a moment to pitch down and recover before ventilating the entire foil.

To summarize, the speed range of these wings cater towards surf conditions in the 1-5 foot face range. For riders looking for more pump, glide, and stability, the 700mm fuselage would be the recommendation. For those that are looking to liven up the sensitivity and turning radius, the 600mm fuselage does just that! This series’ ability to roll smoothly and easily pump long distances makes them an ideal choice for those looking for a foil that can do a bit of everything. Having such a broad speed spectrum and good low end also makes these wings incredibly fun for landing jumps, lightwind winging, and downwinding. For anyone that currently rides any of the North Sonar lineup, or foilers that are looking for a solid all-around kit they won’t outgrow, the SF series is a great option.

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