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Triton X-1 Mono Foil

One of the most unique and intriguing designs to hit the foiling world comes from a Canadian company, Triton. Taking a different approach to the traditional hydrofoil design, Triton produces a monofoil, a single wing foil concept that is just a mast and front wing, no fuselage or tail. What looks like a boomerang on a mast, the X-1 is a wingfoiling specific design that will surely draw attention at your local launch.

The X-1 is 1885cm2 and comes with two mast options, 75cm and 85cm. This unique design is incredibly simple, with just two bolts at the top of the mast to connect the pedestal, and two bolts at the bottom to connect the foil. The X-1 mast is an aluminum extrusion that is very stiff and does not feel overly bulky or heavy. Connecting the foil to the mast is easy with the two bolts, and a unique load-distributing mast collar creates a strong and stiff connection that is impossible to put on backwards. Triton has addressed common galvanic corrosion issues between stainless steel, aluminum, and carbon fiber by integrating sacrificial zinc anodes. With just four bolts, and no fuselage connection, or tail wing to set up, rigging the T-1 is incredibly quick, and fully assembled feels on par or even lighter than most traditional foil designs.

This foil was tested using a 4'6 board, 4m wing, wind 20-25mph. Rider 6'4, 170lb. Small 2-4’ waves.

Coming from a traditional foil design, riders should anticipate a brief adaptation period to get used to how the T-1 wants to handle. The T-1 is a very different experience than traditional foil designs. Lacking a stabilizer and fuselage, the T-1 has a unique feel, there is lift with low drag, stability at speed, and surprisingly good low end. Due to the short overall span of the single wing, the rail-to-rail surfing is incredible, and has a controllable looseness providing a very fun wave riding sensation. The X-1 is a small wave machine, there is a noticeable sweet spot for wave size, generally anything about 4’ or less was incredibly fun.

Comparing the T-1 to a traditional foil setup is very difficult as it is a totally different concept. The 1885cm2 monofoil felt comparable in most performance metrics to a 1200cm2 surf foil. The X-1 likes to ride with power and is very easy to hold down when overpowered. At low speeds there is a bit of a pitching moment that is quickly stabilized with speed. The X-1 is not optimized for pumping, however when you figure out the short quick pump cadence you can absolutely create speed in waves. Riders that use small sinker boards may find the X-1 slightly more difficult to waterstart as the foil floats, which reduces submerged stability. The X-1 will float the board on its side horizontally in the water.

Overall, the X-1 is a very interesting and unique concept that provides an exciting and lively foiling experience. Riders that are willing to adapt to a new foil concept will unlock a new level of fun in smaller waves or flat water, and new foilers will appreciate the simplicity and safety of the monofoil design.

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