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Indiana 3’7 Pump Foil

The Indiana 3’7 Pump Foil Carbon is a board developed and shaped by Indiana team rider Steeve Fleury and, compared to its bigger sister, the 4’0 / 30L, a more versatile option also suitable for surf and wingfoiling, this one is conceived from a complete pumping and dock start foiling perspective. This 3’7, 24L board is a true no-compromise, dedicated pump foil board.

First off, the board, with its 109cm of length, looks pretty small and compact, while retaining the shape of a surfboard with a classic rounded outline and a pretty very flat rocker line with no channels or concaves whatsoever. While being only 3’7 the board is still thick enough (2 3/8’’) to allow for some volume under your feet which facilitates re-starts in case of accidental touch-downs. The rails are beveled and full, more round on the top and sharper on the bottom allowing for pretty tight turns but more importantly allowing to keep the board going without losing much glide if the rail accidentally touches the water during turns. The tail is also beveled and has a nice and generous angle which helped to prevent accidental touch downs while pumping and promoted a clean and instant takeoff at dock starting. The nose also features a slight kick line to prevent getting stuck with the nose touching the water surface. The standing area is flat and sporting a grooved EVA full-deck pad that gives an amazing lateral grip, allowing you to still adjust the position of your feet forward and backward while pumping – which personally felt extremely reassuring and comfortable to me.

All these features make this board excellent for pump foiling, ultimately allowing you to get into pump foiling and start to carve some tight turns as well. What also stands out in this board is the incredibly light and strong carbon construction. With its fully carbon laminated rails, it makes for a great choice for dock and rock starts where boards can sometimes get damaged if not properly reinforced on the rails. One important note for pump foiling is that the track system is structurally integrated between the top and bottom of the laminate for the strongest support. This, together with an outstanding overall strength and stiffness gives the rider an incredible level of feedback from the foil, making a huge difference for pump foilers and dock starters alike.

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