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RRD Gold Wing

“An exclusive wing that offers no compromises” is how RRD describes their podium topping Gold Wing. The results are impressive with many podium places across a number of events with multiple team riders on the GWA tour. In order to create such a high-performance machine, the designers at RRD have incorporated ALUULA in the Gold Wing (somewhat hinted at in the name) in order to ensure they achieved their goals of a responsive and powerful wing.

Based on the Wind Wing, which previously impressed with its power, the addition of ALUULA for the leading edge and strut have led to a number of improvements. First and foremost, stiffness and rigidity. The ALUULA material itself is stiffer than conventional Dacron and also allows the leading edge and struts to be pumped up to higher pressures than the Wind Wing via their respective valves. The second biggest improvement is weight. Compared to the 5m Wind Wing that we tested, the Gold Wing felt a lot lighter and easier to handle. The canopy utilizes the same 45 degree canopy lay-up and centralized power zone as the Wind Wing and also has the same handles.

While the Wind Wing impressed more when powered (which the Gold Wing does too by the way), the performance of the Gold Wing in light wind was where it truly impressed. The stiffness that the ALUULA material adds to the frame of the wing means that when you pump the wing in low wind to get going you feel like you are getting the most out of the wing with minimal flex / distortion of the wing and minimal loss of energy. Combined with the Blast 1150 foil we were able to get going in 12-14 knots (rider weight 78kg / 172lbs) on the RRD Beluga LTD 75L board and maintain great upwind angles thanks to the generated apparent wind. Like the Wind Wing, the Gold Wing does pull quite hard and generates a lot of power though this is balanced well between the front and back hand.  Handling wise, thanks to the weight, the wing is extremely easy to throw around and definitely didn’t feel like a 5m. The absence of flex in the frame means very direct and instantaneous feedback to any inputs you give the wing and is also favorable for when taking to the air. As with the Wind Wing, the Gold Wing generates a lot of power allowing you to really pop off the water and the stiff frame allows the wing to maintain its shape as much as possible which makes landings equally as nice. The other benefit of the lighter weight makes the Gold Wing great in the waves, it is extremely stable and light and will sit wherever you want it to as you pick your waves and bumps to foil.

RRD have pulled out all the stops here to supercharge the already successful Wind Wing making the Gold Wing a great all round high performance wing for the competition circuit which is validated by its podium credentials. Its easy handling does make it suited to all levels of riders and its wave riding credentials are also not to be disregarded. For those looking for a powerful, easy handling wing to push their freestyle and foil fast, this wing is probably one of the best on the market.

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