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Double Dip: FFB WCFC Frequent Flyer & J.A.T.O.

The legacy of the West Coast Foil Club has finally been reignited by an iconic collaboration with Freedom Foil Boards. The WCFC Frequent Flyer and J.A.T.O. shapes are timeless performance boards that pay homage to the OG influential designs of the Hurley Brothers, Jeff and Ryan. Both being some of the first surf foilers in Southern California, let alone the world, the WCFC shapes have stood the test of time. While Freedom has updated the construction, graphics, and made slight adjustments, these original surf-style shapes are back to meet all the needs of everyday foilers. With a flat deck and bottom, slight reverse tail rocker, sleek chined rails, and a narrow outline profile, these exceedingly rigid boards are as good as it gets for prone, tow, and even as a sinker for winging. The WCFC Frequent Flyer currently comes in two size options, a 4’2 x 18.25” x 2.65” at 26.4 liters and a 4’6 x 18.5” x 2.9” at 31.75 liters. Both these boards come stock with foot strap inserts, leash plug, pressure relief venting, and FFB’s proprietary 10.75” mounting tracks. The J.A.T.O., also known as the Jet Assisted Take Off model, is also the alluring tow iteration of the WCFC design. Coming in a one size fits all, 3’10 x 18” x 1.75” at 16.25 liters, this tried and true tow model features the same timeless, Double Bias Carbon finish as the Frequent Flyer, but is also accented with its own unique logos and smooth gray pinstriping.

For our tests, we sampled both the 4’2 WCFC Frequent Flyer, for everyday surf and downwind foiling, and the 3’10 J.A.T.O. for some waist to overhead tow conditions. Pulling both these boards out of their eco-friendly and plastic free shipping boxes, we immediately noticed that these are some of the lightest production boards ever made. As data fanatics, we threw both boards on the scale and were amazed to see that even with multiple layers of fiberglass, carbon fiber, strap inserts, and high-density foam reinforcement, the Frequent Flyer weighed in at 6.5lbs (2.95kg) and the J.A.T.O. came in at 5.5lbs (2.5kg). Bearing their classic mantra “LOYAL TO THE FOIL” across the bottom, we paired these boards with both the new Unifoil Progression, North SF series, and Lift HA-X foils to ensure that track box placement and board feel would cater to an array of different brands and foils.

The first impressions of the 4’2 were exceptional. The narrower outline assists with planing faster and catching waves with ease. The flat bottom and chined rails also aid noticeably in releasing off the water both with taking off and touching down. Additionally, Freedom’s thin custom deck traction maintains the stiff, direct, and responsive feel of turning and pumping long distances. Even though all the different foils we paired with the board sat in different positions along the track boxes, the board felt balanced with all of them, and without any noticeable swing weight.

The J.A.T.O. being slightly shorter and thinner in frame truly makes it everything that a rider could want in a tow board. With an ideal length and volume, this board was easy for both beginner’s learning how to sink a board, as well as a breeze for riders of all weights to balance on while waiting for a set or while practicing tow assisted downwinding. On top of this, the J.A.T.O. is actually an outstanding dockstart board. Lightweight, durable, and with a subtle rocker profile, this is one of those boards that just disappears underneath your feet, giving riders that true feeling of flying above the water.

Overall, both variations of the Freedom’s collaboration with the West Coast Foil Club have been some of our favorite boards to date. Their sleek, clean artwork, outline, and feathery but durable construction makes these boards a quiver killer for most conditions and disciplines. While the J.A.T.O. is more of a specialty board for those that often find themselves at a dock, towing behind a PWC, boat, or on a wake, the Frequent Flyer is a must have for any prone foiler that wants a board that can do it all. Whether it's surf foiling in ankle high to overhead waves, prone downwinding, or winging it as a strapped or unstrapped sinker, the resurrection of the West Coast Foil Club is here to stay.

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