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GA Foils Poison

The Poison is GA’s more wave-oriented wing, as opposed to the Cross which is the all-rounder in their lineup. The last version of this performance-driven wing features several carefully thought out design solutions and details that make it an impressive no-compromise wave and freestyle wing. The first thing that caught my eye about this wing was its radical and purposeful design. Starting from its radically angled strut shape that provides outstanding control and direct handling as well as an ergonomic arm position. Such strut shape concept, while being shared by other brands, is pushed to the maximum here.

New for this year is the introduction of two separate SUP valves, one for the strut and one for the leading edge, allowing for quick setup and to tune the wing with two differing pressures. Also new for this season is the interchangeable handle system, allowing you to quickly switch from the rigid handles supplied with the wing to the soft webbing handles to obtain your perfect individual setup in the same mounting framework.

Controllability and handling are guaranteed with its enhanced leading edge stiffness and increased tension in the canopy. Even in gusty winds, the wing remained remarkably stable, reducing the chances of unexpected stalls or uncontrolled movements. It effortlessly glided through the air, allowing for seamless transitions and exhilarating speed.

An updated panel layout with enhanced tension in the canopy provides maximum control as well as direct handling. The Triple Ripstop Canopy together with the polyurethane coated high-density polyester Dacron make the wing extremely stiff and robust, enhancing its tear strength and providing less water absorption and increased dimension stability. The few Kevlar reinforcements placed on the leading edge, strut and leading edge ends provide protection and durability, while minimizing extra weight.

On the water this wing is extremely easy to maneuver proving some impressive performance on a very large range of conditions. In fact, its low end capabilities make it take-off in lighter winds, if pumped correctly, and its strut design and canopy tension harness the slightest gusts of wind, converting them into an impressive amount of forward thrust.

This wing is, however, designed to be used for wave-riding. Here one of its main characteristics becomes evident: the Poison has the ability to stay exceptionally neutral when flagged out. This enhances its wave riding potential and comfort, together with the well-placed neoprene protectors below the handle and its light-weight design.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a radical, performance-driven wing with exceptional wave-riding capabilities the Poison is an excellent option for riders of all skill levels.

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