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Slingshot Phantasm PTM 899

The PTM 899 is a shining example of Slingshot's commitment to innovation, skillfully balancing glide, speed, and agility. While it was designed primarily for winging and riding swell, it impressively translates its performance to surf foiling and downwinding.

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Double Dip: Omen Operator 850 & 1050

Omen has masterfully crafted a product that combines advanced design with top-tier construction. Whether you’re aiming to enhance your winging prowess, shred through surf, or gracefully ride swells, these foils are designed to help you unlock your full potential.

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Lift Foils 160 Camber Pro

The Lift Foils 160 Camber Pro is a stellar addition to the world of hydrofoiling, offering a unique ride that combines speed, agility, and precision. Distinct from the Surf Wing V2 series, it stands in a class of its own.

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AFS Silk

Whilst the design objective of the AFS Silk has that unapologetically strong wave bias, where it evidently thrives, we felt that it worked well as an all-round foil across disciplines and is a testament to Laurent Borgna’s design experience.

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Mistral Sultan

Mistral's collaboration with Sabfoil has created a great value proposition for their clients who are looking looking for an all round foil to push their riding whilst also investing in a modular system with a wide range of offerings to cover all disciplines.

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AK Tracer V3 1030

The Tracer V3 is a massive step up from AK Durable Supply Co, setting itself at a firm eye level with various cross brand favorites, and is pitched at a very attractive price point for such a performant and accessible foil.

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AXIS Spitfire 840

The Spitfire 840 is uncompromisingly surf focused and if ripping turns in the pocket is your priority it’s an excellent choice. The massive range of sizes will make it extremely easy to tailor a quiver and mix and match with the other wing series.

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