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Olaian Foil 500

With a perfect combination between progressive lift and control, this allows a beginner to enjoy their first rides easily.

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Lift 120 HA and 150 Surf V2

If you’re an intermediate to advanced rider these are an incredible pairing, an epic two-punch quiver proposal.

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RRD Dynamic SW Alu 1700

A solid foil with more scope and speed range than many entry-level foils on the market, yet remaining very easy to ride.

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Kold Viking 1680

Produced in the EU, this is an impressive entry and a great ‘all round’ foil that will suit 90% of wingers.

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Cloud IX F Series

While no ‘speed machines’ these will allow you to stay in the pocket, riding slower, crumbly waves and rip turns minus the risk of high-speed foiling.

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AFS Flyer 1300

A perfectly balanced freeride foil with early lift and amazing glide that pumps impressively.

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