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Slingshot Phantasm PTM 899

Born in Hood River, the mecca of windsports, brothers Jeff and Tony Logosz started Slingshot in 1999 with a commitment to originality, innovation, and quality. With these passionate core values, Slingshot took off and quickly became a global leader in windsurfing, wakeboarding, and kiteboarding. Even before foiling was a thing, Tony Logosz was already designing early inflatable wing concepts back in 2011! With these roots, it’s pretty clear that Slingshot was also destined to be at the forefront of the foiling revolution.

Over the years, Slingshot has built an incredible range of foils and cater to every discipline with their Phantasm series. However, one of the most exciting designs that Slingshot has released to date is the PTM 899. The ultimate addition to the carbon fiber Phantasm series, the PTM 899 was developed with a clear mission: to maximize glide and maneuverability for wingers. As one of Slingshot’s most well rounded wings, the PTM 899 was built to bridge the gap between high and medium aspect hydrofoils, delivering a very broad speed and glide range while maintaining agile maneuverability.

This aptly named front wing beholds a 899mm (35.4”) wingspan, 925cm2 (143.4in2) surface area, 130mm (5.1”) chord, and a 8.74 aspect ratio. The foil comes either as a standalone front wing for those already equipped with a Phantasm lower package, or as a complete lower package for newcomers. True to their commitment to quality, all the gear comes with high-end marine grade hardware and neoprene covers.

For our testing we used Slingshot’s recommended kit. The 899 front wing, 710mm Phantasm Fuselage, new 360 V-tail stabilizer, and 82 Carbon mast. On the first rides we took this set out for a wing session in 15-18 knots of wind and were thoroughly impressed. The PTM 899 lifts early and maintains glide effortlessly. Given this early lift for its size, it actually rides very balanced with even footed pressure throughout the speed range. It carves smoothly through transitions with precision and stability, striking a nice balance between looseness and control. Usually, foils with substantial glide lack agility, but Slingshot has broken the mold, crafting a foil that is not only nimble but also enhances quick, seamless transitions like upwind tacks. Designing this foil with a slight twist in wingtips makes breaching through turns essentially negligible. Quickly shedding any ventilation, the 899 is very forgiving through major wingtip breaching carves, turns, or transitions. While the PTM 899 can comfortably handle a powered up top end speed, we really felt the magic happening in smaller bumps and in the lower end of the speed and glide zone. Able to harness every bit of lift from even ankle biters, we were able to keep the wing flagged out longer and milk all the energy from lackluster conditions.

After these initial rides we put the pump, glide, and surfability to the test by taking it out in prone surf conditions. After paddling into the first wave, the first thing we noticed is how much the 899’s early lift helps with engaging the foil immediately to easily get up and going. Dropping in on both knee to shoulder high waves, we could really feel the foil’s ability to handle swell and remain stable through steeper sections. Deep carves and rail to rail turns were noticeably easier than expected. Now to our favorite part, the pump and glide of the 899. Bouncing from wave to wave and quickly covering ground with each pump, this foil pumps as if it's a much bigger high aspect wing. Every pump has a satisfying amount of drive and acceleration, and for our tester weighing in at 70kg (155lbs), it was a breeze to link tons of waves with.

The PTM 899 is a shining example of Slingshot's commitment to innovation, skillfully balancing glide, speed, and agility. While it was designed primarily for winging and riding swell, it impressively translates its performance to surf foiling and downwinding, showcasing its versatility across different disciplines. This foil works for a broad spectrum of riders and conditions. The PTM 899 not only upholds Slingshot’s legacy in watersports but elevates it.