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Lift Foils 160 Camber Pro

Since their inception, Lift Foils has consistently been at the forefront of eFoil innovation, pushing boundaries and setting new standards in this rapidly evolving sport. With a rich history in crafting both eFoils and classic foils that blend performance with simplicity, Lift has solidified its position as a leader in the industry. Continuing this legacy, the 160 Camber Pro is one of the latest additions to Lift’s lineup, tailored for those who crave a sporty and engaged riding experience. This foil unlocks a new level of controlled speed, particularly catering to lighter riders and eFoil enthusiasts.

With a 6.2 aspect ratio, a surface area of 160in² (1032cm²), and a wingspan of 31.5” (80 cm), the 160 Camber Pro strikes an impressive balance between size and performance. Designed to operate in a slightly higher speed bracket, the foil cuts swiftly through water without compromising maneuverability, ensuring a smooth ride through turns with just the right amount of lift, keeping you fast, agile, and firmly in control.

What truly sets the 160 Camber Pro apart is its unique cambered profile, referring to the curvature difference between the top and bottom surfaces of the wing. This design not only enhances the foil’s overall speed but also contributes to a smoother, more stable experience, particularly noticeable during turns. With a lower camber, the 160 Camber Pro cuts through the water with minimal drag, facilitating a faster speed range compared to the similar mid-aspect Lift V2 Surf series.

During our testing, the 160 Camber Pro revealed its true potential when paired with the Lift eFoils, especially the smaller and sportier 4’2 and 4’9 sizes. Coupled with the 36 glide tail, this combination truly shone, allowing us to fully appreciate the capabilities of the 160 and how it stacks up against the similarly-sized 150 Surf V2 wing. From the get-go, we experienced a smooth takeoff and steady lift, thanks to the finely-tuned camber profile. Maintaining even-footed pressure across various speeds, the 160 handled power with ease, enabling carving at speeds that would otherwise feel less stable on the Surf V2 series. Whereas the V2 Surf excels in stability at lower speeds, the 160 Camber Pro delivers a sports-car-like experience, ensuring balance and control at speeds we would typically avoid. Remarkably, despite having a larger surface area than the 150 V2, the 160 feels significantly less draggy and more rippable.

Testing this wing in prone foil and wing conditions further highlighted its versatility. The extended top-end speed range ensured the wing did not lock up or track poorly on steeper waist to shoulder-high waves. Moreover, its lower mid-aspect shape still maintains glide and maneuverability, even during transitions powered up with a sail.

The Lift Foils 160 Camber Pro is a stellar addition to the world of hydrofoiling, offering a unique ride that combines speed, agility, and precision. Distinct from the Surf Wing V2 series, it stands in a class of its own, providing an alternative style of higher-speed performance. Whether you are an experienced rider seeking a nimble ride on an eFoil or a wing enthusiast in search of a faster V2 Surf wing, the 160 Camber Pro is ready to elevate your experience, ensuring you soar above the water with ease and style.

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