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Welcome to Foiling Magazine’s Test Center, home to all our in-depth reviews of the latest foiling gear.

From foils, to wings, to foil boards, and everything in between, our global test team of professional riders offer their personal take on what shiny new kit you should be spending your hard-earned money on…


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AXIS Froth V2 5’4 & AXIS Ultrashort Advance Fuselage

The Froth V2 is an exceptionally friendly board to ride in this size, giving adequate buoyancy by maintaining a generous level of volume in a short board, and therefore minimizing swing weight, making it feel sportive for its literage.

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Ocean Rodeo Glide A-Series 7m

The 7m A-Series is a wing that’s going to open up conditions you previously wouldn’t have bothered with, and it’s as user friendly and efficient as larger wings get.

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KT Ginxu 62L

We tested the Ginxu from a complete ‘winging’ perspective and can say that this does feel like a true innovation that benefits the winging experience for all riders, not just the Kai Lennys of this world…

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TABOU Pocket Air 67L

An excellent board for an aspiring intermediate who still wants to be able to knee start but wants the benefits of less board under their feet.

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For a beginner rider, the Pure would be an excellent choice. For intermediate and above, the predictable behavior and well-balanced performance enable you to concentrate on what is going on under your feet rather than in your hands.

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This foil ticks all the boxes and its performance makes it a great option for heavier riders looking for a light wind freeride foil to wing, SUP and even downwind SUP.

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Flymount Aero 130

The Flymount Aero 130 is an impressive design response to a very specific and complex problem.

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North Seek 4’10

Whether it be in lakes or ocean, upwind, downwind or whatever in between, this board has it covered!

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RRD Y27 Wind Wing 5m

RRD has put an impressive amount of R&D into the development of their wing foiling range and the Wind Wing Y27 is no different...

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Range Review: Slingshot Phantasm PTM & G Series

Overall, the Phantasm kit is an incredibly diverse and well-constructed foil system that will suit almost every rider on the water.

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Range Review: Armstrong CF V2 1600, 1200, 950 & CF300 tail

The new Armstrong CF V2 range is the system most aspiring riders should probably be using...

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ION Seek Amp FZ 3/2

The Seek Amp is a comfortable suit which provided excellent range of movement and was warm enough to wear prone foiling and winging in water temperatures below 15 degrees.

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GA CROSS 2022 5.2m

We felt that the Cross was a very well-considered evolution of its predecessor which knows its target market and meets the need of this perfectly.

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