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It initiates turns far more eagerly in the roll axis, it’s far more stable on tip breaches, and for a foil with so much span feels incredibly agile. We can’t wait to get a spin on the smaller sizes...

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North SF-Series SF930

Having such a broad speed spectrum and good low end makes these wings incredibly fun for landing jumps, lightwind winging, and downwinding. For foilers that are looking for a solid all-around kit they won’t outgrow, the SF series is a great option.

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Ozone Fly V1

Its simple to initiate on and off power characteristics, and high levels of stability made it a wing we would happily grab particularly when the conditions look dubious, as you know it’s going to handle it with grace.

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FreeWing AIR V3

Without having to choose between soft and hard handles, the FreeWing AIR V3’s appeal and its scope of use is broad. It’s a wing you can throw into pretty much any situation with predictable results and a worthy upgrade to the FreeWing series.

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Appletree Skipper Wing

If your focus is wave riding, and you want to make more radical and tight turns, lose board swing weight alongside air resistance without a huge compromise in low end, then look no further.

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Indiana 3’7 Pump Foil

This board is excellent for pump foiling. What also stands out in this board is the incredibly light and strong carbon construction, giving the rider an incredible level of feedback from the foil.

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Takuma Kujira II

We found the Kurija II to be an excellent step forward, both in terms of the new direction with the set-up, but also in terms of the relative ease of use coupled with impressive performance characteristics.

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Naish Matador LT

The original Matador was a wave machine through and through, the Matador LT takes that to a new level. It is the perfect option for riders looking for a great wave riding wing that is lightweight and simple.

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GA Foils Poison

If you are looking for a radical, performance-driven wing with exceptional wave-riding capabilities the Poison is an excellent option for riders of all skill levels.

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Slingshot Flying Fish V2

This is an excellent board for riders looking for a one-board quiver, prone foilers that want to catch waves easily, or wingfoilers looking for a board that will facilitate the deep-water start.

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Fliteboard Ultra L

With this high-performance board, dual drive propulsion option, and now three different battery sizes to choose from, Flite has covered all bases in providing one of the most performance-oriented and customizable e-foils available.

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CORE Roamer 70L

The 70L Roamer is a great board for wave riding and freestyle winging thanks to its compact size. In larger sizes it would make a great light wind or beginner board thanks to its design and bottom shape, and really complements CORE’s total freeride package.

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RANGE REVIEW: North Sonar MA series

As a steppingstone in the North foil ecosystem between the all-out beginner Reflex wings and the more technical to ride HA system, the MA provides a perfect middle ground.

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