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Fliteboard ULTRA L2

Thanks to the lightest eFoil system in the world, riders can now connect waves and surf better than ever while still having at their disposal the power of electric propulsion.

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There are surely endless ways to have fun on this capable little craft. If you haven't already, give one a try. Flitescooter is surely the closest thing to a flying magic carpet you can find.

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Stoke Foil Boost

If you are keen to get into the game the Stoke Foil Boost does exactly what it needs to in a refined and beautifully engineered package. Be warned though: it’s addictive…

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Foil Drive Gen2

The Foil Drive Gen2 is an extremely accomplished and flexible product which expands the horizon of any progressive foiler. A new discipline in its own right, cast any preconceptions aside and open your mind to a world of possibility...

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SiFly Stellar S

The Stellar S provides an impressive addition to the SiFly line up. Paired with the sporty 700cm wing, it can reach some pretty incredible speeds while still feeling comfortable and nicely tuned in to the foil.

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Aerofoil Audi e-tron

The Audi E-Tron Competition Set is certainly not for beginners, but for the experienced foilers, this setup proved to be the perfect canvas for their skills. The ride was stable, perfectly balanced, and brimming with potential.

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SiFly Rider

This is the perfect introduction to anyone looking to master the feel of foiling or other foiling disciplines, or if you just want to race around without having to concern yourself with unpredictable variables such as wind or waves.

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