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Flitescooter is a new creation by the talented designers at Flite. It’s a stable, beginner-friendly rigid-inflatable eFoil with removeable handlebars. Jump on, turn the throttle and go. This portable, quiet and environmentally friendly electric water scooter is a new alternative to a small boat or jet-ski, and it will have you out exploring the waterway in minutes with no experience required. We recently took the opportunity to test out Flitescooter on Sydney’s beautiful Hawkesbury River, a playground of tranquil bushland, running waterfalls and endless kilometers of scenic waterway.

Out of the van and into the water, Flitescooter took only a few moments to set up. Constructed of an ultra-stiff carbon-fibre core surrounded by an inflated outer section, the board is designed to be lightweight and durable, while also being nimble and responsive to maneuver. Weighing only 38kg, it is easy to carry around on land and with 237L of volume is incredibly stable on the water. It’s like being on a large SUP – you tend to stay dry the whole time. The removable handlebar fits into the board snugly and has an ingenious receiver housing, which perfectly fits the wireless Flite Controller remote. Whenever the thumb lever on the handle is turned, the throttle on the controller is depressed. Simple as that.

Standing on the board is much like you would a normal scooter – you can face straight or offset your feet slightly while holding onto the handlebars with both hands. Turning is achieved simply by leaning to the left or right while underway. As you increase speed and lift off the water to take flight, you just shift your weight forward or back to maintain optimal height above water, all-the-while holding onto the handlebars for stability. So easy!

Importantly, a wireless safety key is worn on the wrist to cut the power if you fall off for any reason. No-Fly zones can be programmed into the controller, beyond which Flitescooter automatically slows down to a crawl, making safe flying a cinch. Sessions can be tracked using the Flite App and shared on a map with friends. Flite have thought through all the details, and their trusted build quality is, as always, clearly evident in every part of the product.

One unique drawcard of having the Flite Jet and short mast assembly on Flitescooter is that it helps to prevent wing breach when accidentally riding too high. This is because as soon as the jet comes close to the water's surface, it starts to slip, causing a tell-tale gurgle sound which warns you to lean forward. This is great because it reduces the chance of scary breaches and falls for beginners, and ultimately keeps you dry. In a similar way, riding the foil too low and touching down simply causes the hull to harmlessly glance off the water, prompting you to lean back and gain a little more height. As a result, pin-balling between high and low, working your way up from slow to fast, this has got to be the safest, most intuitive method of riding on foil – so easy you could do it with your eyes closed.

And for the experienced riders… whip off the handlebars and grab the wireless remote in hand – you have a normal eFoil! Flitescooter, like most of the other Flite eFoils, is capable of reaching speeds of up to 40km/hr when paired with the right front wing. Despite its width, it's by no means a prone foil but still so fun to carve around.

Even add a fishing rod holder and you could take it for a troll to catch dinner! There are surely endless ways to have fun on this capable little craft. If you haven't already, give one a try. Flitescooter is surely the closest thing to a flying magic carpet you can find.

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