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SiFly Stellar S

In the increasingly competitive world of eFoiling, there are a number of brands who are striving to produce quality products that come in at a price point that is more justifiable to your regular foiler, whilst still ensuring that the quality and foiling experience is still up to standard. SiFly have some serious experience behind them in the form of Formula kite pro, Alexander Bachev, who has put his experience into designing the foils and boards.

We have previously tested the “Rider” board which is essentially a soft board which is both bombproof and also less daunting than a harder board for the first-time eFoiler. But what if you want a little bit more performance from your eFoil stick? Well, at the top-end of their board options, SiFly have now introduced the Stellar S. Utilising a super-light EPS core and a carbon sandwich layup, the Stellar S is a great looking board which provides a stiff and refined riding experience. It comes in 4kg lighter than the regular S board, the mast foot has also been integrated for smoother flow across the base, and the edges have been tucked in further for improved durability. Overall the Stellar S looks slick, clean and as refined as many of its pricier counterparts.

For this test we rode the Stellar S with the 75cm mast, the Sport 700 front wing and the CR300 stab. As mentioned in the previous review the 700 wing is fast but surprisingly easy to control, even for riders who have only had a few sessions on a bigger front wing. It wasn’t too surprising then that the smaller Stellar S felt like an excellent match for this sportier set up… On these smaller boards, you need a little more finesse to get up and riding, with a ‘superman’ style start the best option then a relatively quick pop to your feet as the foil accelerates. The Stellar S handles this transition well and responds quickly to the front foot pressure required to get up to racing speed!

Once you are up and riding the Stellar S feels super tuned in and connected to the foil. The stiffness of the board really shines through and the reduced swing weight compared to the Rider enables you to turn more aggressively. For general cruising and for mellower carving, the Stellar S provides a confidence inspiring platform. The sunken mast foot and refined rails ensure that it pops up nicely with no stickiness and the overall feel is efficient and connected.

Overall the Stellar S provides an impressive addition to the SiFly line up. Paired with the sporty 700cm wing, it can reach some pretty incredible speeds (we didn’t push it to the max!) while still feeling comfortable and nicely tuned in to the foil.

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