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Vayu EOS

The Vayu EOS is the 4th generation of the VVING from Vayu. This is a compact and high-performance wing designed with a shorter wingspan than its predecessors, to suit both freestyle and freeride riders. It also comes with an optional carbon boom.

The lightness of the wing is immediately noticeable as you grab it on the beach, especially with that super light carbon boom. Once you’re in the water, the EOS makes water starts easier than ever, especially in light wind conditions. The initial pump effortlessly lifts you from the water, and the second one gets you up on the foil and cruising along immediately. The wing's power originates from its center, significantly helping in your water start, and its ability to generate power through pumping is really impressive – you aren’t just flapping the wing aimlessly, instead each pump captures air and converts it into momentum. For the record, I am 70kg, and I was able to ride a 36L board and an 850 foil in winds of only 14 to 16 knots, and I got out in just two pumps…

Once you’re riding, the wing maintains excellent balance, distributing power equally across both hands. It’s extremely comfortable and versatile, suitable for any rider. While it’s not the fastest wing, it’s definitely quick enough for impressive jumps and riding upwind effectively after a wave. If a gust hits the wing, it doesn’t drag you downwind, but instead drives you forward. I was impressed by the wing’s ability to absorb gusts without requiring depowering, seeming to perfectly redistribute the power where needed.

In the waves, the wing’s lightweight and compact design just screams comfort, and there’s no need to worry about the tips catching thanks to the shorter wingspan. Transitioning from a rigid handle to a free fly handle takes a little getting used to at first, as it feels like you lose some control, but the handles are so light, and the strut does not drag in the water when the wing is flagged, allowing the wing to remain flat when held by the handle, and you’re easily able to keep up your speed while surfing. Similarly, the boom adds no extra weight and offers intuitive control in the waves, allowing for quick speed adjustments as your back hand instantly finds its grip, something that can be more challenging with handles.

The rigid handle or boom is really helpful in light winds, facilitating the lifting of the wing during maneuvers such as jibes or tacks. The transition from one side to the other is exceptionally smooth, requiring minimal effort for your tack. For the jibes, as soon as you release the back hand, the wing goes immediately flat, and the rigid handle allows you to keep your wing above your head during the turn. It’s really useful in lightwind conditions where the start of the jibe can push the wing toward your body and force you to crash… Exactly what you don’t need when you’re far out and it’s a tricky jibe to reach the beach. Here, this will not happen, either with the boom or the handle, the slightly flatter design and the lightness of the struts will keep your wing flat and stable for every maneuver.

In terms of jumping, this wing excels in freestyle due to its compact design, making rotations or flips notably easier. The power it generates from the center is a fantastic asset for hangtime, ensuring a soft landing after each jump, and, as I mentioned earlier, is also a massive asset for water starts.

Overall, this wing is a versatile choice for a freeride/freestyle setup. It excels in light wind conditions, and when powered up, nothing flaps, even in strong wind. The EOS is also easy to handle while surfing and delivers impressive jumping capabilities. Exactly what you need as summer approaches…

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