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Solite 5mm Custom Pro 2.0  

Solite boots have gained non-stop praise since their arrival to the market in 2017, winning Stab Best Bootie 2024 and turning heads throughout the surf community for good reason.

Designed by surfers in NE US with heaps of experience in the surf industry and taking inspiration from heat-molded snowboard boots, the Solite 5mm Custom Pro 2.0 has been through five years of rigorous testing to produce a design which screams durability out of the box. The boot has minimal seams to reduce any weak points, and the sturdy rubber Thermo-Form layer that wraps around most of the foot is nearly twice as durable and half the weight of neoprene. The one-piece 1mm natural rubber sole strikes a solid balance between being thin enough for ample board feel whilst enabling peace of mind over the sharpest of surfaces. Where necessary, Solite employs their aptly named Overkill Seams, which are triple-glued, blind-stitched, then sealed with liquid seam seal to provide what look like some of the most bombproof seams going.

Lasting warmth is an obvious byproduct of durability, though some other features help maximize toasty feet. The O-ring cuff design offers a reliable seal around the ankle and the Thermal Rebound Lining leads to an over 10% increase in insulation and provides a quick drying layer so you can be assured to get a good night’s sleep without the fear of soggy neoprene in the morning. High quality insulation make these boots a little harder to get on and off than some, but the reinforced Stealth-Loop and Heat Booster Socks significantly reduce the suffering.

The moldable Thermo-Form material not only increases warmth by minimizing water intake, but also provides a genius way to tailor the boot for optimal comfort for the widest variety of foot sizes. Pouring boiled water into the boots up to just below the first seam softens the pliable rubber and subsequent molding has quite a noticeable effect on fit, allowing some leeway on sizing and underpinning the barefoot feel and effortless control demanded for water sports at the highest level.

On the water arguably the most important feature for us foilers, and the reason many despise putting on boots in the winter, is of course the lack of board feel and control. These boots have a variety of features which stand them out from the crowd and provide a pleasant connection to the board and foil. The Internal Micro-Split toe and three-point strap locks your foot in place, optimizing control and eliminating the risk of tripping over yourself when getting to your feet. Additionally, most boots have a neoprene surface on which the sole is glued which acts as a spongy layer that dampens board awareness, but this rubber sole is more rigid allowing finer feel of foot position and a noticeably more direct response.

Overall, Solite 5mm Custom Pro 2.0 wetsuit boots strike a brilliant balance between warmth, comfort, durability and control, to produce a product that is certainly a top pick as some premium rubber for the winter months. Though they do come with a price tag reflecting this, you can be assured to receive a high-quality product brimming with features that should stand the test of time.

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