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Slingshot Phantasm 926

The Slingshot Phantasm 926 is a high aspect, full carbon freeride foil designed to optimize glide and pump. Wingfoilers, downwinders, and prone foilers looking for stability, straight line glide, and pump will enjoy what the 926 has to offer.

The three-piece lower assembly (front wing, fuselage, and tailwing) is very simple and easy to assemble, and each connection point has a large mating surface area which improves the overall stiffness at the connections. These large mating surfaces continue through the mast/fuse connection which has an over-sized, three bolt connection vs. the standard two bolt connection. The pedestal is over-sized as well and has multiple holes which allows for maximum adjustability to fit almost any board and rider.

When the foil is assembled and connected to the board, the overall stiffness is outstanding. Through the use of a lightweight 12K high modulus carbon (high modulus = stiffer carbon) the long 92cm mast has minimal twist. The large 926mm span front wing has next to no deflection in the wingtips, giving everything a very stiff and solid feel. This stiffness will translate into more efficient energy transfer between the rider and the foil and provide the rider more direct feedback from the foil. This foil was tested using a 4'6×19.5, 33L board, 3m wing, wind 25-35mph. Rider 6'4, 170lb.

Right out of the gate the Phantasm 926 demonstrates outstanding stability and straight-line speed. The wide front wingspan and larger tailwing create a platform that practically rides itself. There is a noticeable increase in performance and efficiency with speed: the faster this foil goes, the better it performs. This top end performance comes at the cost of a definitive stall/drop point at lower speed. This low-end stall point is common across almost all high aspect foil designs, which results in the initial take off requiring a bit more speed versus a lower aspect foil. The upwind capability was incredible, and it was apparent by how steep of an angle it will hold into the wind relative to other riders on the water.

During a downwind run the Phantasm eats up the miles, gliding effortlessly through small chop, and screaming down large rollers. There is no noticeable cavitation at speed, in a straight line or carving. Pumping and connecting bumps is easy due to the glide and efficiency of the high aspect design. Advanced riders will unlock even more performance and speed with a smaller tailwing, while beginner to intermediate riders will prefer the stability of the full size tail. The longer 92cm mast allows for plenty of forgiveness and room when handling larger, steeper faces, and does not feel draggy or slow.

Longer, flatter waves will suit the Phantasm as it likes to draw wide, sweeping carves out on the face. With some tailwing modifications the Phantasm could be tuned more towards a pocket surfer, however the stock configuration is geared towards fast open face carving.

The lift was smooth and even, riding almost neutral to slightly front foot weighted. Even on steeper drops, the Phantasm never felt like it wanted to over-foil or lift itself out of the water. A little bit of front foot pressure drove the foil down the face, providing a fun and fast drop. Wingtip breaches feel like a hot knife through butter, and re-entry is smooth as silk. Even when half of the front wing comes out of the water, the Phantasm re-enters and continues on without a huge drop in lift or cavitation.

Overall the Phantasm 926 will best suit foilers of all disciplines desiring stability, straight line speed and easy pumping. Wingfoilers will also enjoy the benefit of the upwind performance and efficiency. This platform has plenty of potential for custom modifications to tailor the performance to match the rider's skill level and riding style.

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