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SLINGSHOT Javelin 4m

Slingshot’s newest addition to the wing foil lineup is the all-new Javelin wing. Utilizing a full-length boom and innovative active sheeting system, the Javelin is ideal for riders looking for the ultimate control and flexibility in a wing. The first, most noticeable design choice is the boom in lieu of multiple soft, or rigid handles. The two-piece carbon boom has two sections, one long main section, and a smaller extension section. This means riders will not have to buy multiple booms, or deal with heavy windsurf style extensions. Just one boom will fit every wing size, where smaller wings (4m and smaller) use the one piece long main boom, and larger wings (4.5m and larger) will add the small extension. The 4m that was tested only used the long boom section, the smaller extension was not required. The boom was simple and easy to connect with two push pins on each end. Sand and salt did not seem to be a factor for this connection, however it seems like a good idea to rinse these parts off with freshwater after each session.

The next unique component to the Javelin is the active sheeting/canopy tensioning strap. This allows for riders to adjust the wings power and shape on the fly. The tensioning strap wraps around the boom and connects back to itself with a plastic G hook. Assembly and rigging is quick, intuitive, and simple. Slingshot have done an outstanding job with the details of the construction and design of the Javelin, and overall the Javelin feels very well built and ready to withstand abuse from serious freestyle or wave riding. The Javelin 4m was tested in wind 25-30mph. Rider 6'4, 170lb.

Right away the control of the boom is the most noticeable ride characteristic of the Javelin. It is incredibly easy to pull the wing around into the window and backwind or let the leading edge flag out for maximum power. Riders should expect a brief adaptation period as the Javelin does have a different riding style than many other wings on the market. The Javelin will perform best riding a bit deeper in the window with maximum power.

For freestyling, the Javelin is a monster, and flips and rotations are significantly easier than with a less powerful wing. The power and control when it backwinds is unrivaled, the first 360 turned into an inadvertent 720 and, once that backwind power is anticipated, riders will take their freestyle game to a complete new level. The boom allows for comfortable one handed riding, and opens up a whole world of powered boosts with grabs.

The active sheeting/canopy tensioning system was interesting and took some experimentation to get right. When the sail is fully loaded, it can be difficult to adjust the strap on the fly. Additionally, the strut inflation pressure did change the amount of adjustability that could be achieved. It was, however, very fun to experiment with and fine tune throughout a session. There was a definite change in the power delivery and ride profile when the tensioning strap was pulled in vs. let out. Most riders will find a spot that feels good for their style and discipline and probably not adjust too much on the fly. But experimenting with different strut pressures and canopy tensions will allow riders to customize the Javelin to their exact preferences, and this brings a whole new level of diversity to one wing… I found that after some adjustments, more slack in the tensioning strap provided extra power and backwind capability for freestyle, and pulling it in helped for wave riding balance.

Overall the Javelin is an outstanding wing for riders of all abilities and styles. The power delivery diversity that can be achieved from one platform is insane. This is a wing that can be set up to send massive boosts, multiple rotations, inverts, and grabs, and still be tuned to a finely balanced wave riding machine. This wide range combined with Slingshot’s first-class construction means the Javelin is a top contender. ST

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