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SIC Raptor Wing V3

Building on two already successful designs, the SIC R&D team managed to further refine its wing line by introducing a paradigm shift in performance and functionality, blending a lower aspect ratio shape with an increased support along the leading edge. The result is a more rigid, more powerful and more stable wing that enhances both fun and control. In fact, the meticulously crafted latest iteration of SIC’s Raptor line proves to be a major step ahead both in performance and construction.

So, first things first: the SIC Raptor Wing V3 distinguishes itself with a lower aspect ratio shape compared to its previous versions. This, complemented by the increased segmented support and the use of SIC’s ExoTex material along the leading edge creates a much stiffer overall frame with improved tensile strength and durability, enabling it to withstand heavy loads and stresses, retaining its intended shape without any deformation. This translates into a better balance of power and heightened stability, that really caters to a broader demographic of riders, from those refining their skills to those looking for uncompromised performance.

Beside the lower aspect ratio, the V3 marks the difference between its previous versions by introducing a reimagined thicker center strut equipped with mini booms. This configuration not only elevates the wing's ergonomics, but with its recessed S-shape ensures optimal hand pressure providing comfort during extended sessions and facilitating efficient power management.

Visually, one the most striking additions of the new Raptor is the incorporation of its new windows. Beyond their contribution to enhanced visibility and collision avoidance, these windows underscore the brand's commitment to aligning with upcoming racing safety requirements.

On a durability level, SIC’s high-performance Triple Dura-Force stiffer canopy, striking a well-refined combination of performance and longevity, improves breaking strength, tear resistance, UV protection and elongation. In the water, the result is a wing that feels crisp and solid. The new paneling alignments and the better canopy tensioning dramatically reduce fluttering during flight, amplifying both stability and the wing's overall lifespan.

When put to the test on the water, the SIC Raptor Wing V3 is a powerhouse of responsiveness and predictability, with its medium dihedral shape that provides a well-balance blend of power, speed and stability. The synergy between its lower aspect ratio, the enhanced leading edge support, and the redesigned center strut shape yields an experience that is top notch.

We tested the 4.5m and were impressed by its wind range and its ability to retain the desired shape even under the strongest gusts in high winds or the most vigorous pumping in marginal conditions. All this by keeping a light, crisp and direct feeling in a wide range of conditions.

Overall, the SIC Raptor Wing V3 emerges from the test with a glowing report sheet, blending innovative design with a commitment to performance, stability, and longevity. Its meticulous engineering and high-quality construction culminate in a wing that will exceed the expectations of riders across different proficiency levels.

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