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RRD Wind Wing Boom 

With the rapid development of new technical advancements in wingfoiling, we are seeing many brands pushing the boundaries of design and experimenting with innovative solutions to render their wings both more efficient and user-friendly. The new RRD Wind Wing Boom is the latest addition to this new breed of wings, providing both unrivaled performance and a new level of versatility.

At the center of this revolution lies the quest for unmatched rigidity and responsiveness in wing designs. Here’s where the new Wind Wing Boom by RRD comes into play. With its extra stiff boom made with 100% carbon, it provides an exceptional rigidity that fosters control and responsiveness during pumping, maneuvers, and riding in general. What is remarkable here is that such exceptional rigidity is achieved through a very slim diameter (22mm), providing great comfort and handling with its nice, hand-sanded, custom EVA full pads, in an ergonomically well-thought out package. Traditionally such booms came at the expense of portability, but this new iteration of the central full boom by RRD is conveniently divided into two pieces for ease of transportation but – thanks to its perfectly fitting ends – this comes without compromising any bit of rigidity.

In order to attach the boom to the central strut, RRD opted for a simple yet robust system with two M8 Torx screws inserted into the central strut through two monolithic boom ends that secure the boom to a very strong seamed boom connection on the strut, making it exceptionally rigid and direct, by reducing any roll deformation to the minimum. Setting up the boom on the central strut is indeed pretty fast and straightforward. For beginners, this provides a more intuitive platform with hand positioning that translates into a shorter learning curve and quicker progress, while experienced riders will appreciate the direct control that the full boom system offers, making tacking, jibing, and even executing freestyle tricks more accessible and user-friendly.
The RRD Wind Wing Boom immediately catches the eye with its sleek and stylish design, which is backed by solid engineering. In fact, its cutting-edge 45° Diamond Grid Canopy apart from providing a unique look, gives an exceptional rigidity to the canopy, preventing bias stretch and distortion. This, combined with a new optimized aerodynamic profile, makes the wing exceptionally efficient and stable for a great performance and locked-in feeling.

This integrated boom system provides superior stability and control during flight. The rigid boom structure keeps the wing's profile consistent, which translates into a smoother and more predictable flight experience. Whether you're a seasoned rider or a beginner, this design ensures that you get the most out of your wingfoiling sessions. In fact, one of the most impressive aspects of the new RRD Wind Wing Boom is how user-friendly it is: by having a full, nicely rigid boom every maneuver, a handle pass becomes a much easier endeavor due to its comfortable grip and intuitive feeling.

The RRD Wind Wing's performance is truly outstanding. The full boom system allows for precise sheeting in or depowering, making it possible to modulate the wing's power in a new, more sensible way, making it adaptable to various wind conditions. Moreover, the overall stiffness of the whole system (central strut, leading edge, full boom, and canopy) ensures that you can have a nice direct feeling, whether the wind is light or strong. The full boom system reinforced structure ensures that the wing remains sturdy and stiff even in the most demanding conditions.

On the performance side, the streamlined wingtips and the new profile allow for exceptional power efficiency and drag reduction, which in combination with the new stiffer body and the soft battens system provides a perfectly stable trailing edge tension that makes the wing easier to handle in stronger winds and more efficient in lighter conditions.

Durability is also top-notch, with great attention to construction details and materials: from the D2 Techno Force fabric, extra durable yet lightweight, to the kevlar reinforcement placed on the strategic areas in the leading edge and central strut ends. I also found the double leash plugs provide a very welcome extra security feature to the wing.

In conclusion, the new RRD Wind Wing Boom represents an excellent addition to the RRD line up, providing outstanding performance, stability, and durability. Moreover, the full boom system will make every maneuver and hand transition much easier for both beginners and experienced riders. All in all, this wing will not only help you advance your wingfoiling skills but also elevate your overall experience on the water.