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The RRD EVO WING GOLD Y29 is the next step from the winging aficionados at RRD. With a fresh design and some new materials we were stoked to get out on the 5m. One of the standout features of the EVO WING GOLD is its innovative use of the Aluula fabric in the middle panels of the leading edge. This material, known for its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, contributes to a robust yet lightweight frame in the center of the leading edge, maintaining a super stiff central structure while the use of Dacron fabric on the tips and on central strut ensures flexibility and responsiveness in high-wind conditions. This combination creates a stiff, self-regulating central frame while maintaining flexibility where it is most needed, resulting in a wing that is capable of providing unrivalled power, stability, and control while being both durable and highly responsive.

The design of the EVO WING GOLD focuses heavily on performance and user accessibility with a wingspan that has been reduced from the previous model, allowing for maximum efficiency and handling. What we felt on the water is that its mid-aspect ratio design minimizes flow stalls and, together with its tight canopy and optimized profile, enhances forward propulsion. Riders can expect immediate power delivery and efficient acceleration. The wing also features variable twist in the central strut and tips, which contributes to smoother, more controlled rides. The stability of the EVO WING GOLD is further enhanced by removable minibattens, reinforced with Aluula fabric, which protect the canopy and reduce overall weight, allowing for a smooth trailing edge air flow.

A notable feature of the EVO WING GOLD is its various options in handling. This adaptability allows riders to customize their setup according to their specific needs and preferences. The wing can now be used with two ergonomically designed rigid carbon handles – featuring a very comfy slim diameter of 24mm providing a comfortable grip and reducing fatigue during extended use – or with an optional boom, sold separately. Whilst on the water, I personally appreciated the versatility and the superior comfort of the new carbon handles, an option that I immediately welcomed for its user-friendliness and no-fuss rigging. It is important to notice here that the wing makes use of handle plug inserts that ensure no twist and the best roll control for a rock-solid connection to the wing.

The wing is available in multiple sizes, ranging from 3m to 6.5m, catering to a variety of wind conditions and rider preferences. Each size is meticulously calibrated for optimal performance, with the pressure recommendations varying to ensure maximum efficiency and safety. Speaking about safety, it is also nice to find a double leash plug, a feature that can prevent you losing your wing in heavy wipeouts.

The use of D2 Double Ripstop fabric also ensures limited stretch and an increased tear strength with an outstanding weight to strength ratio allowing the wing not only to perform exceptionally but also to maintain its integrity over time, even under rigorous use.

In summary, the EVO WING GOLD Y29 represents a major step forward in wingfoil performance and a nice evolution from RRD’s previous model. This wing stands out as a high-performance, versatile wing with impressive stability and impressive overall performance that will make it a top choice for both seasoned wingfoilers looking to push the limits and newcomers looking for maximum comfort.

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