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Reedin SuperNatural V2

For V2 of their SuperNatural, the focus for Reedin has been on reducing the weight and increasing the stiffness of the wing. The wing looks like a complete revisit compared to V1 so we were intrigued to see how this new approach translated to performance.

In terms of materials, V2 is built with lighter and stiffer Dacron, this material permits narrower diameters on both leading edge and strut, thereby boosting overall performance, handling and usability. The canopy features a 3×3 yarn configuration with a reinforced trailing edge ensuring durability. These attributes, coupled with vertical seams and strategic reinforcements, are designed to significantly enhance the wing's stiffness, durability and performance and – on initial pump up – this definitely seems to be the case with a super-stiff canopy and obviously lighter-weight feel.

The handles are carbon with a comfortable EVA grip and offer a soft and ergonomic feel and set at a ‘pistol grip’ angle. A rubber piece at the tip provides protection against impacts with the board during wing recovery that reduced the potential to ding my board during my strongest wind sessions. Positioned perfectly and with the front handle angled in relation to the strut, generating power and maintaining control while riding was smooth and predictable. Rigid handles can often result in arm fatigue during prolonged use, but Reedin has effectively addressed this issue through their thoughtful design. With the addition of a shaped strut, these handles minimized fatigue and even after longer sessions my arms were still feeling fine and ready to go again!
My first sessions on the SuperNatural were on a 44L board which I thought would be challenging especially in the lower wind conditions we had that day. However, I was pleasantly surprised by how effortlessly and efficiently I could perform water starts with the SuperNatural V2, thanks to its compact size and impressive low end. The wing efficiently provides power and speed for takeoffs, and the improved canopy tension ensures stability and directness feeling during the ride. At the other end of the spectrum, in another session with stronger winds, I was impressed by how consistently the wing maintained its shape. It offered a super compact and direct feel, always keeping the power under control and easy to feather on and off.

As a freestyle enthusiast, I particularly appreciated the wing's speed, immediate responsiveness and explosive lift. These features enabled me to nail all my tricks already in the first session – this is pretty exceptional in a wing that I’m not familiar with. What particularly stood out for me was how it minimized my usual struggle against wing resistance during rotations, making every move feel easier and smoother. The SuperNatural V2 really seems to work with you.

In wave conditions, the SuperNatural followed commands seamlessly, maintaining a neutral position while riding under wave power. Another point to note is that it offers excellent upwind performance, along with minimal drag, resulting in effortless transitions and enabling you to get back to the top of the line up for your next wave in double time.

In summary, the Reedin SuperNatural represents an excellent option catering to a diverse spectrum of riders. It excels not only for beginners embarking on their journey after lessons but also for riders who seek a wing suitable for advancing across various disciplines. Also, having witnessed some of the pro riders using this wing while out at my home spots in Tarifa, I can assure you that it won't limit your progress as these guys are really lighting things up!

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