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Naish ADX NVision

For 2024, Naish introduce a new category to their product lineup called Nvision. With this category, Naish are committing themselves to achieving peak performance by incorporating cutting-edge technologies, advanced materials and innovative designs. The inaugural wing in the Nvision series is the latest Naish ADX Nvision, representing their premium and most advanced wing to date.

The first notable feature of this new wing is its distinctive golden leading edge and strut. Indeed, the ADX adopts the latest Aluula material, replacing the traditional Dacron used over the wing. For those unfamiliar with Aluula, it is not only nearly half the weight but also significantly more rigid than standard Dacron. This advancement translates into substantial improvements across various aspects of wing performance. For the material enthusiasts, it's worth mentioning that Naish uses the latest Aluula technologies for stitching in their Nvision gear, a departure from the industry's conventional methods. This change ensures that repairing damages becomes much easier, cost-effective, and cleaner compared to previous challenges associated with Aluula repairs.

Expanding on the construction details, while Aluula contributes to the leading edge and struts, Naish employs their Nano-ripstop 50D for the wing canopy. This material is characterized by its lightness, low stretch, and tear resistance. Reinforcements are strategically incorporated where abrasion points are typically encountered and also in the joints along the leading edge. The Naish ADX Nvision is a light wing, but also has a focus on long-term durability by adding a few extra grams here and there by using reinforcements is an approach appreciated from a construction standpoint.

Turning attention to the handles, the ADX Nvision incorporates hard handles that are not only very comfortable but also provide a direct feel on the wing. Soft plastic tips on the handles offer protection in the event of collisions with the board. Positioned intelligently on the strut, the handles ensure a direct connection, maintaining ergonomic positioning to prevent wrist fatigue. The balance between the front and back handles is excellent. Inflation is facilitated by a SUP-type valve, and a one-pump tube runs into the strut, where a convenient deflate valve is also located.

Now, let's dive into the on-water experience. The weight reduction of the wing is immediately noticeable as you grab it. During the initial water start, the rigidity and high canopy tension become evident, making the wing powerful and easy to initiate. This is a significant factor for heavier riders. The strut profile and configuration ensures an exceptionally balanced feel once riding, preventing the wing from feeling overloaded with power. Upwind performance is exceptional and transitions are smooth and easy as the wing doesn't get stuck on one side, maintaining a pretty much drag-free experience due to its shape and weight. Stability in the air is commendable, facilitating easy and accessible jumps. These characteristics position the ADX as an excellent choice for both freeriders and freestylers. For enthusiasts of downwinders, the ADX offers a comfortable handle that, when flagged, follows seamlessly, allowing for easy positioning while riding waves.

Extensive efforts have gone into crafting this wing, designed to cater to a diverse range of riders. Whether you're enjoying a leisurely Sunday cruise or pushing the limits as a top-performance rider, the Naish ADX Nvision provides a super tuned-in experience in every session, regardless of the conditions.