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Kaōhi INVIZ Leash

The Kaōhi INVIZ Leash aims to set a new bar for performance foil leashes, particularly for downwinding, winging, and intermediate to advanced riders looking for something that you’ll entirely forget is there. This leash is the culmination of extensive feedback and dozens of prototype iterations, resulting in a product that prioritizes performance and innovation without compromising on safety. Designed in collaboration with pro riders like Kane de Wilde, Tomo Murabayashi, Gabriella Bella, Eric Christensen, Gage Schoenherr, Josh Ku, Max Moquin, and Ryan Arzy, the INVIZ Leash sets a new standard of comfort designed by riders for riders. Made by combining a hybrid of Dyneema cord and continuous coil polyurethane, the INVIZ Leash is extremely light – approximately 4oz, which is significantly lighter than the typical 11-12oz foil leashes. Available in black, orange, and light blue, the INVIZ offers various connectivity options, including different cuffs, a carabiner connection, or a soft hook and loop, making it compatible with harness systems or virtually any type of connection point.

For testing, we used the INVIZ leash in various conditions, from downwinding and winging to surf and tow foiling. The INVIZ was also tested with a variety of boards, ranging from high-volume for downwinding to more compact setups for wing and surf. Testing conditions ranged from calm waters to choppy and stormy environments, providing a comprehensive feel of the leash's performance and durability.

The first thing noticed about the INVIZ is its impressive feathery weight straight out of the bag. With all the components stripped down to the bare minimum like a Formula 1 car, this leash skips out on the traditional grip handle and rail saver. Instead, it loops directly through the leash string or plug on the board. With no slapping or drag across the water, we were quick to forget we were even wearing a leash until falling and realizing we didn’t have to chase a board floating off into the horizon!

Kaōhi’s genius combination of two different types of proven leashes offers the perfect blend of function and innovation. With an elastic section similar to a bungee wing leash integrated with a section of Kaōhi’s signature coil leash, the fine-tuned dimensions—with a slightly shorter Dyneema section and a longer coil—provide an optimal balance between stretch and control. This design ensures that the leash remains stealthly out of mind during intense sessions while still offering the security without any recoiling back towards the rider on falls. The thin profile and soft bungee material also make stepping on the leash a non-issue. Despite its lightweight nature, the INVIZ Leash does not compromise on durability. The materials are robust and designed to withstand the rigors of repetitive falls without corroding, snapping, or bagging out. In terms of safety, the leash's connection options ensure that the rider is in control at all times. The option to choose between different cuffs and connections adds to its versatility, making it customizable to any rider’s preference.

The INVIZ Leash excels across multiple disciplines. Whether downwinding, winging, or many other types of foiling, it adapts seamlessly to different needs. Its lightweight and flexible nature make it particularly well-suited for winging, where minimal drag and maximum maneuverability are crucial. Additionally, its potential as a leash for inflatable hand wings suggests a wide range of applications beyond a board leash. You could even walk your dog with it!

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