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GA Wings Poison

Looking for a versatile wing to improve your skills? The 2024 Gaastra Poison represents the freshest iteration of their all-rounder wing and it's a real standout. This latest version is a refined and matured product tailored for wave riding and freestyle maneuvers, ideal for riders who want to take their skills up a notch.

Crafted with durability at its core, the Poison boasts a sturdy Dacron construction. Its double-layer Dacron leading edge, paired with a mid-diameter strut, ensures both stability and longevity. The 3×3 yarn canopy promises exceptional aging, while key areas prone to wear and tear are reinforced with Kevlar, enhancing the wing's resilience. Equipped with SUP valves on both the leading edge and strut, the Poison facilitates quick inflation and maintains optimal pressure separately. Additionally, strategically positioned windows enhance visibility during rides, contributing to a meticulously designed wing that strikes a great balance between weight and durability.

The new Poison features two wide carbon handles ergonomically designed to minimize arm fatigue thanks to their position and angle so riders can enjoy a comfortable grip and experience throughout their sessions. However, a minor improvement could be the addition of a rubber piece at the handle tips to protect the board during wing recovery. While the dual-handle setup may limit one-handed operation in full freestyle sessions, it aligns with current trends in wing design, especially in all-rounders. Handles are a matter of personal preference, what one person loves, another may not. It's all about finding the right fit for you and the new Poison has you covered. It includes the option to swap the carbon handles for soft handle adding versatility, especially for those looking for a more friendly and less reactive wing.

Once on the water, the Poison reveals its true power. We found commendable low-end performance that facilitated easy water starts, even on sinker boards. While mastering hand positioning may pose a slight learning curve for beginners, the wing gives smooth power delivery and swift acceleration once mastered. Due to the position of the wing and handles, riding upwind is effortless and its neutral handling enhance overall comfort and maneuverability, making transitions seamless. Despite occasional minor flapping at full power load, the ride remains smooth and responsive.
When we headed out for a freestyle session, the compact and rigid design of the Poison immediately instilled confidence, encouraging us to start experimenting with rotational tricks right away. Its easy maneuverability and speed make it suitable for riders of all skill levels, facilitating improvement across the board. The wing delivered impressive lift during jumps and exhibited remarkable stability mid-air, enhancing the overall jumping experience.

During our wave sessions, we found that the Poison maintains exceptional balance when depowered, allowing effortless positioning for optimal pumping and maneuvering. This translates to a playful and resistance-free experience on the waves. If we were to pinpoint one standout feature of the new Poison on the waves, it's the effortless positioning. You won't find yourself battling against it, freeing you up to fully focus on riding the wave.

Overall, we can say the Gaastra Poison emerges as a compelling option for riders looking to progress in both freestyle and wave riding. Its blend of usability, performance and comfort makes it equally suitable for leisurely cruises on a Sunday. With the latest Poison, Gaastra delivers a versatile wing that accommodates diverse riding styles and conditions, ensuring an enjoyable experience regardless of the day's challenges.

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