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The Cross LW – Gaastra’s lightwind wing designed to provide extra power in the gentlest breezes or for those heavier riders requiring additional power for their sessions – aligns seamlessly with Gaastra's 2024 lineup, showcasing the maturity of their designs and the harmonious flow of their gear. Constructed with a 3×3 yarn canopy and high-quality Dacron, this wing boasts dual layers on the leading edge for added stiffness and longevity. Reinforcements are strategically placed where needed, including a reinforced trailing edge, yet despite its size, the wing maintains a surprisingly light feel.

I'll admit, here in Tarifa, we don't typically encounter conditions for winging with such large sizes, so putting this test together posed a bit of a challenge for us! Our aim was to push the limits of its lower wind range, targeting sub-10 knot sessions. While we usually avoid delving into specifics like rider weights in our reviews, I believe it's crucial to note that the size we tested was the 7.2m. At 65kg, I paired it with a 75L board and a 750 foil for this test, a board nearly twice the size of my usual setup, but necessary to gauge the wing's performance in the lightest breeze possible.

For those eager for a quick verdict: Is it powerful? Massively. We were thoroughly impressed by its performance in sub-10 knot sessions. Not only does it generate remarkable power, but it also accelerates smoothly, sometimes without the need for pumping. Concerns about the wing's span were quickly dispelled, as the Cross LW's short span provided ample space for pumping without touching the water with the tips when needed. The addition of two struts enhances rigidity, making pumping very efficient. Transitioning and maneuvering the wing proved surprisingly effortless once we got accustomed to it.

The handles on this wing are positioned perfectly, offering comfort and precision without the need for constant adjustment to get the best out of it. The strut's significant angle provides an ergonomic and comfortable feel and even as the wind picked up during some sessions, we never felt overwhelmed by its power; instead, it remained stable, predictable and responsive. Even in extreme loading conditions when going full speed, the wing maintains stability without any trailing edge flapping. The strategically positioned windows provide excellent visibility and the leash features a clever auto-untwist system for added convenience.

We managed to get some jumps, and the lift was good, but what really stood out was the fantastic hangtime. We also experimented with surfing small waves, and when I flagged it out, it glided smoothly behind me, maintaining a steady balance. This wing could be a delightful choice for those days with great waves and enough wind to make a regular surf session uncomfortable but incredibly enjoyable with a wing.

In summary, the new Cross LW from Gaastra is the ultimate solution for light wind conditions or for heavier riders in need of extra power. The wing isn't particularly technical, thanks to its smooth power delivery, weight and shorter span relative to its size. As a result, riders of all skill levels can handle it easily. For spots with exceptionally light winds, this wing will extend your water time, allowing you to hit the waves earlier and stay out longer, even on days you thought winging was out of the question!

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