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Fanatic Aero 2000

The Aero foil range from Fanatic is their modular direct turning foil system comprising of three different sizes up to 2500cm2. We tested the mid-size 2000 Aero wing with the long fuselage, aiming across the three disciplines of surf, SUP and wing use.

First impressions, as they say, are everything and everything comes in a slick package with well-tailored wing covers and a well-conceived and compact travel case teeming with Velcro pouches to keep the relevant parts separate, safe and protected. Immediately noticeable is the deep chord on the mast which is German manufactured with a fusion technology, which Fanatic says offer a 30% increase in stiffness over other aluminum counterparts. The base plate is also bonded permanently to the mast, with some chunky bolts locking things in place making for zero play on your board connection, which can often prove a problem area with regards to the overall stiffness of the system. It’s a similar situation down at the fuselage which all locks in with a sturdy precision-manufactured confidence. The M8 bolts can take more load than you are ever going to throw at it and the helical inserts are replaceable, and should be corrosion-free. A set of stabilizer shims are provided to tailor your experience. Wings are a PU core with several layers of carbon lay-up.

The best description of the riding feel on the Aero is that it is incredibly unfussy and has confidence-inspiringly predictable. We took it paddling and winging and got similar results from each. The foil runs quite pitch neutral with a soft and predictable lift generated progressively with speed increase. Just a touch of front foot pressure is required at the top end, and when it does top out, it doesn’t seem to become unstable and push you into a breach, it simply won’t go any faster. The pitch control with the long fuselage we tested was extremely consistent throughout the speed range. It’s a relaxing and refreshingly fatigue-free experience. It’s great for making wide carving turns and definitely has amplified glide for a 2000cm2. Our learner wing surf team loved it, and we’d wager it would make a capable pump wing from someone around 70-80kgs.

It’s a dramatic shift from the slightly outlandish boomerang shapes the Aero range previously sported, and the much more conventional shape rides all the better for it. It’s a solid performer which makes your first attempts across either of its three intended disciplines as fuss free as possible. Plus, the ability to drop down to a smaller 1500 wing by undoing a few bolts means you can tailor to more powerful conditions easily, whether it be waves or wind. The Aero’s matt black appearance gives it a stealth bomber vibe, which suitably matches its character of quiet, smooth and hassle-free operation which will capably meet the needs of pretty much every foiler.