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Cabrinha Vision 03

As the fledgling sport of wingfoiling has matured into 2023, Cabrinha’s wing selection has expanded accordingly, now offering two different models in standard Dacron with the Mantis and the Vision, as well as the more exotically built Apex range. The Vision is available in a comprehensive range of ten sizes from 2m through to 8m, which is the largest wing currently available in the Cabrinha range.

Examining the Vision’s shape, we’re looking at a fairly similar outline to the Mantis, with squared off tips and a forward swept leading edge shape. However, the Vision differentiates itself from the Mantis in various ways… The first and most obvious being a case of Vision by name, vision by nature, with the wing sporting some truly panoramic TPU windows giving a comprehensive view of the aquatic battlefield. If you’re in a busy spot, the positioning of these provide decent forward vision of where you’re heading as well as downwind. The second major difference is in the amount of dihedral which is increased over the Mantis and has two benefits, the first being the wing is more compact in use and a little easier to spin and handle, as well as making it more suitable for smaller riders. In the larger sizes this comes into play even more. The increased dihedral gives it a purposeful stability when trying to punch upwind aggressively, combined with a slightly deeper profile providing more low-end grunt when pumping onto foil.

Materials-wise there’s plenty of carry over from Cabrinha’s illustrious kite range with the canopy comprising of their two-core nano ripstop, and the airframe made from their high tenacity Dacron. It’s clear that plenty of attention has been paid to construction in the center of the leading edge tube, where its visible seaming alludes to multiple layers of Dacron which have been sewn in to stiffen this key mid-section of the airframe. A screw-in bayonet valve handles inflation and a twin set of symmetrical hoses feed the strut from the leading edge meaning it doesn’t lag behind the leading edge pressure as it fills. Rather than using hose clamps or cable ties, Cabrinha have opted for a proprietary screw-on system to clamp the hoses to the valves, which is ultra clean and neat, with no sharp edges. A dump valve nestles on the side of the strut to aid deflation.

The handle system carries across the whole range this year and the Vision sports two EVA covered composite handles. Their profile is elegantly narrow and accommodates your fingers comfortably. The handles also have a rubber bump coating to avoid dinging your board, as well as being able to squash down almost fully due to articulation at each end. Torx bolts allow simple removal and replacement, and some spacers are present to let you choose the angle at each end or run the handle closer to the gently convex strut. The flex in the handle lets it move a little in gusty conditions and keeps things comfortable in a crisis.

The carry bag is quite unique and deserves mention – it’s a generously sized roll top backpack with a massive aperture, similar to a dry bag you might find on a boat, and it’s extremely simple to quick pack the wing after a session without having to compress it, providing a very practical approach to an often sandy and irritating situation. The leash is available separately so you can choose between a waist or wrist at your discretion.

So which should you choose? We’d say if you had more of a freestyle leaning, you’re shorter in stature or prefer a wing with a compact span you should take the Vision over the Mantis, particularly if waves are a secondary consideration. We found it a great wing to blast round flat water on, and it’s super eager to please when it comes to initiating a punchy lift. It runs upwind well, and still flags impressively on the stiff nose handle.

Maybe playing a secondary role to the Mantis’ lead, the Vision should perhaps be further up the pecking order in terms of freestyle due to the more compact span and increased dihedral with the larger sizes staying noticeably more manageable as a result. It’s a sprightly feeling, full featured and versatile freeride wing which will please a massive range of riders.

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