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Cabrinha Mantis V2

The Cabrinha Mantis v2 is the counterpart to Cabrinha’s X3 in their latest range of high-performance wings. With a redesigned profile and leading edge, the Mantis has smooth power delivery and an overall very stiff platform.

In line with other products from the Cabrinha range, the quality and overall craftsmanship is first class. The robust inflation system, valves, windows, stitching, and overall fit and finish is top tier. This durable build does come at the cost of weight, but for any rider that is seeking to push their riding to the next level, the Mantis is capable of taking the abuse from wave riding and freestyle.

The Mantis is equipped with a standard one-way valve that does not need any adapters or fittings, the pump hose will connect directly to the valve. The strut inflation hose has very robust connection points that do not twist or easily disconnect, and an in-line clamp to isolate the leading edge from the strut bladders. The wrist leash is a simple, double back design that is easy to get on and off, and stays closed throughout your session.

With an oversize leading edge, the Mantis overall has a very rigid airframe which results in smooth, steady power delivery. Mirroring the X3, the Mantis has two large rigid strut handles, and one soft handle on the leading edge. The rigid strut handles allow for excellent control over the wing, every movement and input into the handles is instantly translated to the wing. Each handle is quite wide allowing for instantaneous, on-the-fly adjustment in sheeting angles without letting go and moving to a new handle. The soft leading edge handle was just large enough to hold onto, and solid enough to still control the movement of the wing when gliding. Two large windows are placed near the front of the canopy, adjacent to the leading edge. This unique placement allows for sufficient view along the direction of travel.

This 4m wing was tested using a 4'6 board, 1075 foil , wind 20-25mph. Rider 6'4, 170lb. Medium 3’-4’ waves.

The most noticeable performance characteristic of the Mantis v2 was the power delivery. In a diversion from many freestyle and wave wings, the Mantis has very smooth power delivery as it is sheeted in, in lieu of the hard on/off feeling that is common from many wings on the market. This smooth power delivery does come at the cost of the pumpability of the wing, and may take some adjustment from the rider to get used to how the Mantis wants to pull. Once you understand where the power is, the Mantis delivers in full force. The balance is almost even between front and back hands, occasionally leaning slightly back hand heavy. This balanced feel provided minimal rider fatigue even through multiple sessions. Compared to the X3, the Mantis will point a bit steeper into the wind which made tacks a breeze as the wing wants to drive up through the window.

The Mantis v2 is a great blend between a boosty freestyle wing, offering extended hang time and glide, and a wave machine due to the stability and control. The large rigid handles provide outstanding control over the wing.

For riders on the fence between the X3 and the Mantis, if you want a grunty “wakeboard boat” type feeling, the X3 is your choice. If your preference is a more refined top end with a bit less grunt, the Mantis is for you. ST

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