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Cabrinha Crosswing X3

The Cabrinha Crosswing X3 is the latest iteration of Cabrinha’s performance wings. With a redesigned profile and leading edge, the X3 is an exceptionally stiff platform with on demand power delivery. Freestyle riders will appreciate the overall stiffness of the wing, and wave riders will benefit from the stability.

As expected from decades of experience in the ocean sports industry, the construction is first class. Every component from the inflation valve and strut hose to the handles and canopy are very robust and are designed to last. The X3 is not a featherweight wing that is relegated to flat water cruising; the X3 can withstand the abuse that comes with freestyle and wave riding.

The wrist leash is a simple, no-frills double back design that is easy to get on and off, and stays closed throughout the entire session.

Cabrinha’s one pump inflation system uses a standard one-way valve that does not need any adapters or fittings, the pump hose will connect directly to the valve. The strut inflation hose has very robust connection points that do not twist or easily disconnect, and an in-line clamp to isolate the leading edge from the strut bladders.

One of the most noticeable design concepts is the dual strut system, there are two thin struts that shape the airfoil instead of the traditional single strut design. This allows for a deep canopy profile that does not need a fabric spacer providing an incredibly responsive and powerful wing. There is no slack or play in the strut/canopy connection. The oversize leading edge supports the entire airframe, and even when pumping the wing there is minimal deflection to the profile shape resulting in an incredible efficient ride.

Cabrinha has designed two large rigid strut handles, and one soft handle on the leading edge. The rigid strut handles allow for excellent control over the wing, every movement and input into the handles is instantly translated to the wing with no loss due to handle slack. The width of the handles allows for a variety of riding positions and quick sheeting adjustments without a need to let go and re-grip or move handles. The soft leading edge handle was just large enough to hold onto, and solid enough to still control the movement of the wing when gliding.

Windows have been a contested point in wing design. Many wings have pulled from windsurfing designs and placing them in the middle of the canopy. This allows for visibility directly downwind of the rider but does not help with visibility along the tack direction. This minimal functionality has led many wing designers to forego windows all together in favor of a lightweight, but non-transparent wing. The X3 is the first wing that gets windows right. Moving the windows to the front of the canopy, adjacent to the leading edge allows for the rider to see obstacles along the tack direction, bridging the gap between visibility and functionality.

This 4m wing was tested using a 4'6 Cabrinha Autopilot board, 800 & 650 Cabrinha Fusion H series foil, wind 20-25mph. Rider 6'4, 170lb. Small 2-3’ waves.

Immediately riders will notice the stiffness and power of the X3. Where most wings would require some pumping to get on foil, the X3 was able to just sheet in and go. When the X3 pumped, the power was smooth, consistent, and easy to hold down. The balance is almost even between front and back hands, occasionally leaning slightly back hand heavy. This balanced feel provided minimal rider fatigue even through multiple sessions. The rigid handles have a different feel than most wings, and may take a couple minutes to get used to and settle into a comfortable riding position.

The X3 really excels in freestyle riding, with lofty boosts and soft landings, the X3 gives riders confidence to send tricks a bit higher and ride faster. The large rigid handles provide superb control over the wing when spinning through the window or backwinding. The freestyle performance is not unmatched by the surf performance. The leading edge handle is comfortable to use, provides enough control to maintain the wing position on the wave, and the wing will ride flat with minimal rocking.

The X3 is perfect for riders looking for an all-around wing, capable of doing everything from flat water cruising wave riding, or boosting the biggest freestyle tricks around.


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