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Armstrong A-Wing

Armstrong have quickly built a reputation for excellent performance with a focus on quality products with no compromises on materials. From the biggest board to the smallest screw, every detail has been refined and tuned to near perfection. The A-Wing has just arrived and we were excited to see if this philosophy had also extended to the world of wings. As we know, over the last few months, wing foiling has exploded at an astonishing rate with many brands scrambling to get in the trend and make something available as fast as possible. Armstrong, however, seemed to take a step back, look at what was out there, and said “we can do it right”. That’s exactly what happened with the A-Wing. 


The A-Wing is available in three sizes: 3.5m, 4.5m, and 5.5m. There are also two accessory options, the Powerlink Control Bar, and the Waist Leash. Materials and design on the bag and accessories are top notch. Everything is easy to use and fits together perfectly. Handles, leashes, and the bar are very ergonomic and feel natural to use, even on the first session. Whereas you can often have to retune your brain to get used to handle placements or quirks of a wing, the A-Wing feels intuitive from theget go. The wing feels solid and built to last without sacrificing the light weight you need for fingertip control. 


The A-Wing has a large leading-edge that stays thick throughout the tips. This provides maximum stiffness for the lowest pressure, reducing stress on the materials and increasing durability. The huge diameter struts also keep the A-Wing unbelievably rigid, helping keep the wing in its designed shape whether at the top or bottom end, and increasing low end power. The A-Wing also features a very flat canopy that works extremely well close to the wind. When riding next to many other wings, the A-Wing was consistently faster and pointed higher upwind. Handles are well placed and give even pressure between the front and back hand, and the two 45 degree handles are also a great addition and, using the top handle, seems to boost you to higher speeds and pointing angles. The handles are also extremely rigid and thicker than most other brands. In testing, this translated to better feedback and less fatigue in heavy winds.


In the surf, the A-Wing with the Powerlink Bar and waist leash was very impressive. Completely neutral balance, easy one-handed control, and instant power led to some of my all-time best sessions. The waist leash is unobtrusive and super comfortable and also features a quick release in case of emergency. 


Overall the Armstrong A-Wing is a very impressive entry into this new sport. It does everything you want and we performed well in all conditions.

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