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AK Durable Supply Co. Surf Foil

The Surf Foil from the AK Durable Supply Co. was developed with prone surf foiling in mind. With a decent take off, it lifted early for its relatively modest size at 1325cm2. Construction is a mixture of carbon composite for the wings and aluminum for the mast, top plate (a 60cm was provided), and fuselage. The foil sits smack in the middle of its competition at mid weight for its size alongside comparable brands. It's a slickly presented package with a decent padded travel bag and a quality hex tool set provided. The fixings are also particularly chunky M8 affairs which go together reassuringly well. The front wing is a stable delta shape which lifts fairly smoothly and progressively. Its swept elliptical wings are not too sharp and will provide a safe experience for beginners as well as decent directional stability. It definitely feels like it tracks very well for a relatively short fuselage.

In its intended speed range, the foil sits very reliably and comfortably with few surprises, and, with the short mast included, would make an excellent platform to learn to surf foil with when used at a gentle pace and a more gentile wave size. If you really push the top end speed wise, things can get a bit draggy and unstable, but the early lift and exceptionally gentle stall characteristics make up for this. For directional changes and general carving, it's surprising just how slow you can go and not stall out, you can really get away with being almost stationary.

The Surf Foil's party trick is in its rear stabilizer design, enabling it to provide true multi-sport crossover potential. The X Wing system allows you to switch between a dihedral and anhedral stabilizer by simply flipping it upside down. There's also some trimability built in to adjust the pitch by a few degrees to help suit different boards and rider weights. So if you're surfing and need more lift, point it down, and if you're surfing small waves and need as much help as you can get, point it upwards for better speed handling and less front foot pressure. We tested this extensively and it really makes a notable difference to the way the foil rides, extending its multi-sport use. The foil is also compatible with the Airush kite wings and longer mast systems, there's also a tuttle box connector to enable further board compatibility. A larger size for slightly heavier riders would be a great shout and may well be in the pipeline.

The Surf Foil is a genuinely friendly introduction to surf foiling, equally happy with almost any method of propulsion, be it a wave, boat or even a kite.