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AFS Evo 1250 

AFS introduces its new all-round foil, the Evo. A blend of the Pure and Performer ranges, the Evo brings a whole new level of performance to all-round freeride practice. This full carbon foil is accessible, high-performing, and durable. With a medium aspect ratio (7.6), you can ride in all conditions, whether it's cruising on flat waters, jumping, surfing, or downwinding. The Evo range has been developed for progressive planing and stable flight, allowing you to reach good top speeds, but these are also ultra-versatile and intuitive, helping you to learn and practice any discipline. We tested this with the new 80cm UHM mast, designed to enhance your performance and intensify your riding experience. This new model features the new Fuselink connection between the mast and the fuselage, allowing for the easy mounting of all new AFS masts. This new fuselage brings some fresh air compared to the old Alpha/Performer model, as it’s been refined to reduce drag. Additionally, it offers three inserts for mounting the stabilizer in two possible positions.

Even though this Evo is a progression / all-around foil, it proved really surprising in terms of performance. For a 1250 it lifts extremely early, but in a progressive way, which is really important when you’re doing your first SUP foil downwind or just when you’re winging in lightwind. The thin profile gives you the perfect combo of glide and carry, and you will feel it straight away when you’re riding. The speed range that this foil has is huge, we were able to reach more then 17 knots on the surf foil session and felt it could go way faster. The glide that it generates is more than you need, and will allow you to catch a few waves on the one take off, or just glide longer without generating back leg fatigue. You’ll definitely be able to cover plenty of ground quickly and reach lines far out the back with minimum effort.

In terms of wave, it is best suited to small to medium open faced waves mainly. I would not recommend using it when it gets too hollow, but its general stability can help you catch anything, which is useful if the waves pick up mid session. Pumping wise, the Evo ticks this box too, the stall speed and the low end are insane – really helpful when doing maneuvers on a wing or if you miss a bump on a downwind, this Evo won’t let you down.

You can adjust the position of the stabilizer and reduce the distance with the front wing, and there are two positions. On a prone session we had the stabilizer on the front position to have more maneuverability, but when winging it was on the back position, to create more stability and less yaw when going full speed. According to the position and the size of the stabilizer, you’ll also create more or less pitch while pumping and more or less yaw and maneuverability while carving or surfing.

On the carving side, the fact that this foil is stable in both pitch and roll is a huge advantage if you are catching your first couple of waves, or trying your first turns, but it does remain efficient if your level is higher and you’re looking for a fun/performance foil. It’s rail to rail carving here, which can be a bit surprising at first depending which foil you were riding before, but when you get used to it, it turns into a controllable and really comfortable foil. This (quite large) foil can glide and carve like a smaller one, making it a must have in your quiver, not only if you’re looking for a progressive foil but also if you are looking for a light wind or small to medium wave quiver.

Honestly, I don’t think this foil can be put in a box, it does everything super well. Of course you probably won’t reach a max speed of 30 knots or ride 2m+ waves with it, but for most of the conditions that we face every day, this Evo will make the most of every session, without any compromise.

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