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Unifoil Progression 200

As you’ve probably noticed, the Unifoil collaboration between designer Clifford Coetzer and foil guru Erik Antonson has been a hit. With an ideal balance of low stall speeds, remarkable pump, yet impressive maneuverability, the Progression 140 & 170 will always be fan favorites as all-around foils. As anticipated, the team has continued this popular series with the Progression 200.
Cleanly fitted with Uni’s zippered front wing cover, this 1290cm front wing spans 1037mm with an aspect ratio of 8.3:1. For testing, we paired the Progression 200 with the 830mm Katana mast, medium fuselage, and neutral footed Shiv tail in new carbon construction. We paired this kit with both our usual 30 liter prone board and also on a 120 liter 8’6 Downwind SUP in small waves, as well as fun sized downwind conditions.

Our first test with the Progression 200 was on the SUP at our local river mouth in knee to waist high conditions. Paddling around in the flatwater portion of the river, our experienced 155lb (70kg) test rider was able to flat water start and pump around on foil. This was no surprise considering how well the Progressions are known for their great low end stall speeds. Once out in the waves, the predictable lift, pitch stability, and easy pump made it fun to link waves out the back. While this wing is the largest of the series, it maintained maneuverability and is still smooth to roll from rail to rail. In 20-30 knot downwind conditions, we also paired this Progression wing with the same 8’6 SUP and a 210 lb (95kg) rider learning how to downwind. Again, because of the significantly low stall speed and early lift of the wing’s profile, the Progression 200 proved successful to get up on, pump, and turn within the matrix of bumps.

Now you’re probably wondering for who and what conditions the Progression 200 is ideal for. Anyone looking for a larger foil they won’t grow out for small surf, wingfoiling, dockstarts, or for SUP foiling this is the wing for you. For downwind days, the 200 Progression becomes the go-to choice for bigger riders or average-sized riders in poor to fair conditions.

The 200 also serves as an excellent foil for beginners, offering easy handling and a forgiving pump. Its user-friendly nature allows beginners to quickly build the technique to tackle all foiling disciplines. Also, after chatting with Erik on this new size, he recommends using the short fuselage for linking waves in the surf or for downwind conditions with tighter bumps. The medium and long fuse options add more stability and smoothen glide for downwinding in better conditions. As for the tails, Erik recommends his upcoming Progression tails, 14.5 for slower conditions or for those looking for more low-end stability, and the 13.5 tails for rippers looking to loosen things up.

Whether you’re looking to maximize small wave sessions, take on downwinding, or even experience the thrill of SUP foiling, the Progression 200 excels in all arenas. Embrace its versatility, enjoy long runs, and elevate your pump game with the Unifoil Progression 200.

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