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RRD Air Beluga Pro 70

The Beluga Pro is an extremely impressive board that rides like a true performance wing board whilst offering the convenience of an inflatable. The 70L board that we tested is a great ‘one-board-quiver’ for those who travel a lot.

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Cabrinha Link 4’5

The Link is a great board with a sinker friendly design and is capable of performing under any conditions and all riding styles. Riders looking to take the next step should seriously consider the Link as their next choice.

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Armstrong WKT 122

Armstrong have ticked all the boxes with a board that effortlessly transcends disciplines with no compromise, feels minimal and efficient, and lets you glide around as freely as an unincumbered seabird.

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Cabrinha Macro Air 4’7

Riders who are willing to trade a small amount of top end performance for a massive gain in portability and travel potential should seriously consider the Macro Air inflatable.

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AXIS Froth V2 5’4 & AXIS Ultrashort Advance Fuselage

The Froth V2 is an exceptionally friendly board to ride in this size, giving adequate buoyancy by maintaining a generous level of volume in a short board, and therefore minimizing swing weight, making it feel sportive for its literage.

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KT Ginxu 62L

We tested the Ginxu from a complete ‘winging’ perspective and can say that this does feel like a true innovation that benefits the winging experience for all riders, not just the Kai Lennys of this world…

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TABOU Pocket Air 67L

An excellent board for an aspiring intermediate who still wants to be able to knee start but wants the benefits of less board under their feet.

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