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Tahe Alizé wing

Tahe, the brand resulting from the union of the legendary water sports brands BIC Sports and Tahe Outdoor, surely has in its DNA a focus on beginner-friendly, durable products designed to maximize time on the water and family fun. In fact, the result of such a fusion is a brand – as they put it – “dedicated to endless play time on the water with family and friends of every skill level”. And it is with this concept in mind that their new wing foiling gear has been developed.

This approach to the development of wing foiling gear is evident in the Alizé: a wing designed for beginners looking to embark on their journey of learning how to wing foil, but also for enthusiasts and intermediate riders seeking enough performance to take them well beyond the their first steps.

The Alizé stands out for its user-friendly design, making it an excellent choice for beginners taking their first steps into wingfoiling. The wing's moderate aspect ratio and intelligently distributed profile provide a balanced blend of stability and responsiveness. Novices will appreciate its forgiving nature, which allows them to focus on developing their balance and control without feeling overwhelmed.

Available in fou sizes from 3m to 6m, we tested the Alizé wing in the 6m size in different conditions, from flat water light wind conditions, to wave riding conditions. What struck us from the beginning was the versatility of this wing, a product clearly designed to satisfy a wide range of skill levels, from beginners to more advanced riders. On land, the Alizé displays a minimalistic design with a Dacron-only look that, by opting for not including any window, certainly adds to durability and light weight, an ergonomically shaped central strut with a slight up-lift shape and two wide mini-booms for extra control and grip. Quick inflation and deflation make setup and takedown a breeze, allowing more time on the water and less time preparing equipment.
On the water, the Alizé reveals its versatile spirit. The wing, despite being extremely user-friendly and predictable in flying, has a somehow “rigid” feeling to it that makes it easy to maneuver and relaunch, while its compact design allows you to focus on your ride without being worried about the wingtips touching the water surface. We were especially impressed by the profile distribution of this wing: the sustained canopy tension over the whole surface of the wing made it very responsive to pumping in light winds while at the same time made it very stable and locked in in stronger winds, reducing the risk of flapping.

We were also positively impressed by the ergonomic shape of the central strut with its slight up-lift that allows the rider to adjust power quickly and easily during the ride while not having to apply too much back hand pressure. This also makes it very efficient while pumping thanks to the recessed position of the rider’s back hang of the strut, allowing for a more relaxed body position overall that certainly increased both time on the water and user-friendliness. To add to this pleasant feeling, the central strut is equipped with two nice and wide mini-booms handles with EVA foam grip that enable you to position your hands precisely for excellent comfort and ensuring a comfortable grip for extended sessions. Again, a nice feature for a product that is supposed to be entry-level but that clearly sports many details that make it suitable for more advanced riders.

In fact, intermediate and expert wingfoilers seeking a versatile wing will find the Alizé a perfect match, for its carefully engineered profile that offers ample stability and efficiency, and its nicely refined ergonomics. Whether you're exploring wingfoiling for the first time or you’re an experienced rider, the Alizé signature dynamic handling will allow you to push your limits and get you from your first session well into your wingfoiling journey.

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